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White Lush Vitamin Serum 30 Aging Care18ml - Perfect Japanese Anti-Aging Products

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■ A beauty essence containing a high concentration of 30% vitamin C derivatives *.
White rush original prescription makes it possible to mix 30%.
Cares for skin problems such as pores, dullness, rough skin, firmness, luster, and dryness, leading to beautiful skin.
■ Vitamin C derivatives * are said to increase their effects on the skin in proportion to their concentration.
■ Thick beauty essence works well for skin problems!
It regulates skin metabolism, normalizes skin turnover, and leads to a bright skin color without dullness.
■ Suppresses the synthesis of melanin pigment
Vitamin C derivatives * are said to be effective in thinning the melanin pigments that have formed.
It makes the pigmentation of spots and acne scars inconspicuous and leads to skin that is hard to pigment.
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 3-Glyceryl ascorbic acid (skin conditioning ingredient)