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Wafood Made Lees Cream Moisturizing 55g - Sake Lees Cream Brands Made In Japan

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Focus on the beauty of Mori's hands! A cream that leads to moisturized, transparent and clear skin.
■ Uses original lees extract.
Made from Aso's natural spring water and sake rice, we use sake lees from sake that sticks to the traditional Funashibori manufacturing method. Because it is gently squeezed, it is characterized by containing a lot of water. The extract moisturizes the skin and gives it a sense of transparency.
■ Contains beautiful skin support (beauty moisturizing) ingredients.
A luxurious blend of plant extracts extracted from carefully selected ingredients.
Cucumber fruit extract, rice ceramide (rice casfingo glycolipid), yuzu seed extract, rice fermented liquid, hydrolyzed yeast extract
■ Slight scent of sake
■ Country of origin: Japan