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Vt Prosica Mask Moisturizes 28g x 6 Sheets - Perfect Skincare Products In Japan

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Choose the mask that suits your skin type with the VT brand CICA mask series!
■ What is CICA (Centella asiatica)? In Japan, it is called Centella asiatica.
Centella asiatica is one of the herbs used for skin conditioning and protection in the Orient.
■ Contains (CICALIAO ™) containing CICA (deer) ingredients.
Centella asiatica extract (skin conditioning ingredient), triple hyaluronic acid (three types of hyaluronic acid Na with different molecular weights / moisturizing ingredient), propolis extract (moisturizing ingredient), Centella 4X complex (aciatic acid, madecassoside, madecasicic acid, asiaticoside / skin conditioning) component)
■ Contains moisturizing ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) that lead to healthy and beautiful skin.
Panthenol, β-glucan, selaginella extract
■ Intensive moisturizing firmness pack that gives plenty of moisture to dry skin.
■ We adopt super close contact gauze seal sheet.
The sheet is made of gauze, which is softer than the non-woven sheet mask, and has a net structure, so it contains plenty of beauty essence and penetrates the skin firmly.
■ Ampoule essence texture containing CICA ingredients makes it moist and refreshing without stickiness.
■ Country of origin: South Korea
* 1 A state of being damaged by the environment such as drying.