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Ebisu Cosmetics Uluoito Premium Moisture Cleansing Cream 200g - Japan Face Cleansing Cream

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W A cleansing cream that does not require a face wash and can be washed moist and soft.
■ Both cleansing power and gentleness to the skin!
Even though it does make up well, it has a moist and smooth feel.
■ Original emulsification technology!
Contains oil-soluble and water-soluble beauty ingredients into an emulsion with a lamellar structure similar to that of the skin.
■ 93% of beauty mat ingredients!
Contains 20 types of aging care ingredients such as royal jelly extract and astaxanthin, and beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that are comparable to full-scale aging care creams.
■ A pleasant scent of natural aroma.
■ No coloring, no parabens, no mineral oil, no synthetic fragrances, no additives specified by the old label, no petroleum-based surfactants.