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Tunemakers Tranexamic Acid Prevents Rough Skin 10ml - Whitening Serum Japan

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■ What is the whitening active ingredient tranexamic acid?
It prevents blemishes and freckles by suppressing the generation of the signal transmitter (plasmin) that causes melanin to be produced under the blemishes and causes inflammation that causes blemishes, which is the initial stage of the mechanism of blemishes.
■ Because it is undiluted solution *, it reaches directly (up to the stratum corneum)
The ingredients used in the raw materials for cosmetics are packed in bottles as they are.
■ [Non-medicinal products] TUNEMAKERS's first medicated whitening * 2 undiluted solution
This is TUNEMAKERS's first quasi-drug, which was created by focusing on the mechanism of stains.
■ Country of origin: Japan
* Tunemakers S10-33 * 1 Whitening active ingredient * 2 Suppresses melanin production and prevents spots and freckles