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Tsururi Kakuboku Melting Gel & Scrub Keratin Care 55g - Scrub Cleanser Made In Japan

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■ Cleanly removes keratin plugs, darkening, and dirt all at once!
Just massage it around and the dense gel and scrub will work powerfully to clean up the dirt in the back of the pores!
■ The darkening gel adheres to the skin and dissolves keratin plugs and dirt.
■ Contains jojoba oil scrub (jojoba ester), a keratin care ingredient that thoroughly scrapes out even stubborn stains.
■ Contains royal jelly extract, a skin conditioning ingredient that gently conditions the skin.
■ With a rich massage feeling and fine particle scrub, it is a gentle approach to the skin.
Contains sodium hyaluronate, a moisturizing ingredient, Hamamelis leaf extract, a skin conditioning ingredient, malic acid, and citric acid.
■ Refreshing sweet and sour sweet citrus scent
■ Country of origin: Japan