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Tsubuporon Tsubuporon EX Special Care 8g - Perfect Japanese Bodycare Products

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Gently rub the dirt and dead skin cells around the neck and chest for peeling.
Japanese and Chinese extracts gently penetrate into the stratum corneum, softening the skin and leading to smooth skin.
Achieves faster and more effective exfoliation by simultaneously performing both exfoliating and exfoliating by peeling.
【Description of item】
A keratin grain is a mass of keratin formed by accumulating old keratin. It develops with aging and contains melanin pigment.
Pigments accumulate on the keratin grains formed in the 30s and become brownish and noticeable after the 40s.
■ Rich keratin softening serum
Thick liquid that stays firmly on keratin grains
■ A firm approach to keratin grains by blending twice as much pearl barley seed extract as conventional products.
■ Easy-to-use tube container
The amount of liquid can be adjusted while massaging by enlarging the protrusions so that you can massage firmly.
■Synthetic colorants are not used.