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Texmex All-In-One Jelly Moisturizing 150ml - Perfect Skincare Cream For Men

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-For men's skin-Prevents dry skin, gives moisture, elasticity and luster to the skin, tightens skin that is worried about pores, and is not sticky * 1
◆ Special moisturizing ingredients: 3D hyaluronic acid * 2, platinum collagen * 3
◆ ~ Five frees considering the skin of a man ~
Non-parapen, non-silicone, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, coloring-free
◆ It is not sticky after using it for moisturizing!
Moisture jelly prescription for men ... At first, it is a plump jelly, but when you stretch it on your skin, the jelly changes and it becomes water. Therefore, it can be used refreshingly without the sticky feeling that men are not good at.
* 1 According to oil-free prescription
* 2 Hyaluronic acid crosspolymer Na, plier glycol, water
* 3 Platinum, hydrolyzed collagen, water