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SQS Highly Penetrating Moisturizing Cosmetic Solution 300ml - Japan Skincare

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Thoroughly penetrates into the pores (up to the stratum corneum) and concentrates moisturizing!
■ With high penetrating power, it penetrates deeply into the skin
The thickening liquid blends in smoothly and is not sticky, leaving dry skin moisturized. Moisturizing ingredients reach not only the surface of the skin but also the stratum corneum.
■ Increased elasticity of deflated skin
Hyaluronic acid keeps the moisture that has spread to every corner. The elasticity of collagen improves the firmness of dry and deflated skin!
■ Pore skin squeaky finish!
In addition to vitamin C derivatives and natural loofah extract, it contains 3 types of tightening ingredients (tea leaf extract, hamamelis leaf extract, and algae extract). For skin where pores are not a concern.
■ Pigment-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free
■ Country of origin: Japan