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Sana Smooth Honpo Cream Nc Moisturizing 50g - Perfect Japanese Beauty Cream

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■ High-purity soymilk isoflavone (moisturizing) derived from domestic soybean Fukuyutaka.
At Smooth Honpo, which has continued research on isoflavones, soy milk is made from domestically produced whole soybean Fukuyutaka.
We have succeeded in purifying high-purity isoflavones.
■ Smooth Honpo original high-purity soymilk isoflavone (moisturizing ingredient) and soymilk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient) are mixed with W.
Rich yet non-greasy, it seals moisture and makes your skin soft.
■ Recommended as a measure against dryness that does not let the moisture of the skin escape with a pack prescription that wraps on the skin.
■ Fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil-free
■ Patch tested / Allergy tested / Not all people are allergic.
■ Uses soybeans without genetic modification
■ Country of origin: Japan