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Shiseido Elixir White Clear Emulsion II (Moist) 130ml - Japanese Skin Revitalizing & Whitening Care

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Shiseido Elixir White Clear Emulsion C 2 Skin Whitening Emulsion (Moist) 130Ml

Product description:

  • Shiseido Elixir is a premium Japanese skin care product that builds skin resilience to help firm skin. With whitening ingredients m - Tranexamic Acid and high-grade moisturizing CE, Shiseido Elixir not only helps brighten the skin but also fades dark spots, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.
  • Helps tone-up skin effectively, and brings you smooth and bright skin.
  • This lotion is extracted from fenugreek and peony that inhibits excess melanin production to keep skin moist and soft, optimally moisturizing, and perfectly restores signs of skin aging, helping skin to gradually improve. 
  • Boosts cell renewal, improves microcirculation and skin's natural function, and brightens skin from within.

How to use:

  • Use in the evening before going to bed, after washing your face, and after using toner (if you have used toner to close pores before). In the case of makeup as well, complete the steps of removing makeup and cleaning your face before applying this Shiseido lotion.
  • Pour the lotion into the palm of your hand, use your fingers to dab the lotion on the necessary points on the face, then rub it all over the face.


  • Brand: Elixir White
  • Made in Japan
  • Content: 130 ml
  • Product Type: Milky Lotion
  • Skin types: Normal Skin, Dryness, Combination