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Santa Marche Point Makeup Remover Tea Leaf Extract 180ml - Japanese Makeup Remover Brands

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A beauty essence point makeup remover containing green tea (cha extract / moisturizing ingredient) extracted from Kyoto Uji matcha.
■ Two-layer type that can remove hard makeup without rubbing / High cleansing power of oil layer and comfortable feeling of use of water layer.
The two layers reduce the burden on the skin caused by the surfactant and realize a non-greasy feel.
Removes strong makeup while caring for the skin.
■ Cleansing, dullness care & beautiful eyelashes! For healthy eyelashes with firmness and elasticity.
Contains hydrolyzed keratin and Swertia japonica extract
■ Contains beauty moisturizing ingredients to care for problems around the eyes and mouth.
Tea leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient), baking soda (Na / pH adjuster for hydrogen carbonate)
■ Colorant-free, fragrance-free, ethanol-free, petroleum-based surfactant-free, UV absorber-free
■ Country of origin: Japan