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Quality First All-In-One Sheet Mask Moist EXII 7 Sheets - Japan Skincare Mask



■ We adopt speed water retention charge system.
Ectoine and nanocapsule technology speed up the penetration of moisture into the stratum corneum.
■ Contains 40 types of beauty ingredients such as CICA ingredients that support sensitive skin.
Centella asiatica extract, Kanzo root extract, Ectoine, Ogon root extract, Cha leaf extract, etc. (moisturizing & skin conditioning ingredients)
■ One sheet can serve as a lotion, beauty essence, and milky lotion.
After washing your face, you don't have to worry about using lotion! Daily care is completed with this one piece.
■ Quick moisturizing in 3 minutes.
By significantly reducing the care time, we can respond to the time-saving care of busy daily care.
■ Uses a soft ultra-fit sheet containing organic cotton.
By making the stretch fiber, which is also used for high-end seats, thinner, the softness and adhesion have been improved, and the shape of the seat has been improved to match the Japanese face shape, pursuing a fit.
■ For sensitive skin / dryness Patch test for sensitive skin (safety test, hypoallergenic, no preservatives added, thorough skin-friendly) * Patch test for all (all) It does not mean that allergies do not occur.)
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 1 Aging care is care according to age.