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Professional/Commercial Deer Care Cream Moisturizing 60g - Japanese Beauty Cream

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■ Contains 11 kinds of skin conditioning ingredients such as CICA (Centella asiatica extract).
Centella asiatica extract, Nigahakka extract, Meadowfoam estride, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Magwa root bark extract, Hinokithiol, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Clove extract, Na hyaluronate, Yomogi extract, Enterococcus faecalis
■ Contains oil containing a lot of oleic acid, which is similar to human sebum.
Hybrid sunflower oil
■ 100% natural moisturizing ingredients are used.
24 kinds of ingredients derived from plants are combined.
■ It is moist but not sticky.
■ Recommended for people like this!
Those who tend to get rough with a mask, those who tend to dry, those who are not good at the unique scent of CICA (Centella asiatica extract)
■No fragrance
■ Country of origin: Japan