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Potunt Spot Powder Essence Ac Care Serum - Japanese Beauty Essence Must Try

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■ Intensive care while sleeping!
Moisturize while removing excess sebum, and rinse off the next morning to make your skin refreshing and healthy.
■ Approach with a two-layer structure of AC water and calamine powder * 1!
AC water layer: Moisturizes and prevents rough skin / Centella asiatica leaf extract, glycyrrhetinic acid 2K, allantoin (all skin conditioning ingredients)
Calamine powder * 1 layer: Adsorption of excess sebum / Calamine powder * 1, kaolin, titanium oxide
■ Because it is a brush type, easy care without touching it with your fingers! / You can apply beauty essence without touching the part you care about with your finger.
■ Non-comedogenic tested (not all people can do comedo)
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 1 Zinc oxide (sebum adsorption) / iron oxide (colorant)