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Pore Nashiko Rice Oil Moisturizing 60ml - Japanese Beauty Oil For Dry Skin

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Onigiri, Ohagi ♪ Everyone loves Japanese rice.
Rice bran oil *, which can only take about 2g from 1 go of fresh brown rice, has plenty of rice power such as vitamins and minerals.
A 100% domestically produced Japanese oil that does not add anything for your precious skin.
■ Moisturizing pore care with 100% domestic rice bran oil *.
Rice oil made by squeezing freshly picked rice and adding nothing.
■ It is a comfortable oil without odor or stickiness.
■ Rice bran oil rich in vitamins and minerals *
Moisturizes dry pore skin.
■ Moisturizes and softens skin, leading to firm and elastic skin.
■ Country of origin: Japan
* Rice bran oil