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Perfect One Super Moisture Gel For Glossy And Firm Skin 50g - Japanese Bodycare Products

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■ 6 roles in one (all-in-one)
Toner + milky lotion + cream + beauty essence + pack + makeup base
■ Contains 10 types of collagen, including the proprietary ingredient Penetrating VC Collagen (moisturizing ingredient).
Each collagen with different characteristics moisturizes and fills the stratum corneum, leading to firm and glossy skin.
■ Penetration VC collagen (succinoyl hydrolyzed collagen ascorbyl phosphate Na / moisturizing ingredient)
Penetrating VC collagen, which combines vitamin C, which is compatible with collagen that induces firmness, increases the moisturizing density and makes the skin firmer.
■ Contains Water Cycle Complex that supports the penetration and circulation of moisturizing ingredients.
Moisturizing ingredients Lemongrass leaf / stem extract, Polyoctanium-51, Di-lauroyl glutamate (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), High fructose corn syrup (all moisturizing ingredients)
■ Contains a variety of collagen (platinum collagen EX, moist coat collagen / moisturizing ingredient).
It fills the outside of the skin and the stratum corneum with moisture, leading to firm skin.
■ Contains moist cover veil (white fungus polysaccharide, Suizenji nori extracellular polysaccharide, shea butter, shea butter oil (moisturizing ingredient).
It forms a moisturizing film on the surface of the skin to trap moisture and keep the skin smooth and firm.
■ Contains moisturizing circulation support ingredients (hydrolyzed alkyl hyaluronate (C12-13) glyceryl, sodium carboxymethyl hyaluronate, ectoine / all moisturizing ingredients).
It leads to an environment where rich, moisturized and soft skin continues.
■ Country of origin: Japan