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Perfect One Sp Deep Moisture Mask 5 Sheets 179g - Japanese Skincare Must Buy

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■ Contains complex collagen * 1, bread yeast extract * 1, and royal jelly * 1.
Prevents dullness due to dryness and leads to clear and transparent skin.
■ The highest concentration of purple root extract * 2 in the history of the series supports the lack of firmness that is worrisome with age, and makes the skin moisturized and glossy.
Purple root extract * 3 extracted from the roots of purple root, a rare domestic Japanese and Chinese plant cultivated in-house.
■ We adopt 100% cotton sheet which comes in close contact with face line.
A thick, soft-feeling sheet that soaks in 25 mL of beauty essence.
■ Intensive care for the eyes that are worrisome due to the double structure.
Since the eye area has a double structure, you can intensively care for the age sign you care about.
■ Synthetic fragrance-free, artificial coloring-free, paraben-free
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 1 Moisturizing ingredient * 2 Murasaki root extract (moisturizing ingredient)