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Perfect Essence Silky - Moisture 200ml

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Perfect Essence Silky - Moisture 200Ml

Product Description:

  • Shiseido's PERFECT ESSENCE SILKY Toner 200ml has the effect of moisturizing and brightening the skin, making the skin more even, preventing and fading dark spots, and improving skin tone.
  • This Japanese lotion prevents aging, and effectively improves skin's firmness and elasticity. 
  • Reduces wrinkles on skin and the status of visible pores.
  • The product is extracted from nature, colorless, fragrance-free.
  • Provides high moisture for your skin, especially good for dry skin.

How to use:

  • After using regular cleanser, apply an appropriate amount on your skin.
  • Tap your skin to help the product absorb better.


  • Brand: Shiseido
  • Made in Japan
  • Content: 200 ml
  • Product Type: Facial Lotion
  • Skin types: All skin types
  • Skin concerns: Uneven Skin Texture, Visible Pores, Dullness