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Only Mineral Nude Pore Clay Soap Vitamin C 80g - Top Japanese Face Wash Soap

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■ Mineral clay (bentonite) adsorbs dirt on pores.
■ Naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients, sucrose and betaine protect the skin's moisture.
■ Adopts a frame kneading method that is slowly aged over time. It does not melt easily and can be used comfortably.
■ A refreshing blend of tea tree, lemongrass, and geranium The essential oil has a refreshing scent.
■ Foam that is firm and elastic, and has both good foam breakage and non-drying finish.
■ 6 free
Synthetic colorants (tar pigments), synthetic fragrances, UV absorbers, mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, wheat-derived ingredients
■ Prioritize natural origin in the selection of raw materials (85% or more of all ingredients)
■ 100% recycled PET is used for bottle containers
■ Bagasse paper made from sugar cane pomace is used for the individual packaging box.
■ Eliminate animal-derived ingredients (cattle, pigs, birds, horses, and other birds and beasts)
■ Partnership only with factories that do not conduct animal experiments and do not conduct animal experiments
■ Country of origin: Japan