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Marulala Marula Essence Moisturizing 20ml - Perfect Japanese Beauty Oil Brands

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■ What is Marula Oil (Sclerocaria birea seed oil)?
It is an oil from the fruit of the Marula tree that grows only in some parts of South Africa. It is also called the God tree locally and is known for its high vitality. Marula oil is said to have an antioxidant effect * 1 that is about 10 times that of olive oil and 3.6 times that of argan oil, and is a beauty oil that is tightly packed with ingredients that are good for the skin.
■ Approach to skin where fresh oil nurtured by nature tends to fluctuate!
Contains marula oil (sclelocaria birea seed oil) and jojoba seed oil (all skin conditioning ingredients)
■ Face + Hair + Body + Hand & Nail with this one!
It can be used not only for facial skin care, but also for body massage after bathing, towel-dried hair treatment, and nail care.
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 1 Power to prevent the oil itself from oxidizing