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Latte Botanical Cleansing Oil Moisturizing 180ml - Japan Waterproof Oil Cleanser Brands

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Oil cleansing that instantly removes hard makeup, pore keratin plugs, darkening, dullness and roughness, and cleanses moisturized
■ Torojuwa super drop oil
Prescribed based on high-grade cleansing ingredients (polyglycerin type) without using mineral oil as the main ingredient.
It is derived from plants, is mild, has high moisturizing properties and is not sticky, and has a high affinity for both oil and water, so even wet hands will immediately adapt to makeup.
■ Wash your eyelashes with the beauty ingredient in.
Contains ginseng root extract, homeoage (French seaweed extract), cavixil, and apple stem cell extract.
■ Contains latte botanical ingredients.
Almond milk (almond oil), rice milk (rice starch), coconut milk (palm oil), soy milk (soy milk fermented liquid)
■ Positive geranium scent
The most herbal and breathtaking aroma in the series, using 100% essential oils! A soothing scent that makes you feel positive using geranium and ylang-ylang.
■ Country of origin: Japan