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Wakara Kneaded Soap From Japanese 130g - Japanese Anti-Acne Facial Cleansing Foam

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A facial cleansing foam with an excellent balance of cleansing ingredients and skin-beautifying ingredients, using a traditional kneading method.
■ Born in soap!
A cleansing ingredient that is gentle on the skin, soap paste removes only dirt. Improves the effect of care after cleansing.
■ Moisture remains!
Trading Foam Murat formula leaves moisture in exchange for dirt.
■ Suck up waste products!
Montmorillonite, which is said to have been loved by Cleopatra, contains abundant minerals and cleans not only dirt on the surface of the skin but also dirt in the pores, excess sebum, and old keratin.
■ Carefully selected Japanese and Chinese extracts!
Contains 12 types of pore tightening Japanese and Chinese extracts, 6 types of antioxidant Japanese and Chinese extracts, 11 types of anti-inflammatory / antibacterial Japanese and Chinese extracts, and 4 types of melanin-suppressing Japanese and Chinese extracts.
■ Mineral oil, fragrance, petroleum-based surfactant, synthetic colorant, disinfectant, non-use.
■ A great size that can be fully used.
■ Country of origin: Japan