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Kitao Matcha Sleeping Mask Moisturizing 100g - Perfect Night Mask For All Skin Type

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■ Clean Beauty, which is rapidly increasing in popularity all over the world these days
A beauty item that takes into consideration the environment, society, and animals by carefully selecting ingredients that are kind to the skin and the earth.
Refers to safe products that do not use harmful ingredients.
■ KITAO MATCHA's clean beauty common moisturizing ingredients
・ Organic matcha * combination (moisturizing ingredient): Matcha is said to contain many beauty ingredients such as catechin, β-carotene, and vitamin C.
All KITAO MATCHA skin care series contain Kyoto Uji's organically certified matcha * (moisturizing ingredient).
・ Chia seeds * 1: Chia seeds, which contain calcium, minerals, and essential amino acids, are said to be indispensable for creating beautiful skin.
・ Quinoa * 2: Quinoa was called the mother of grains during the Inca Empire in the 13th century because of its high nutritional value. It has excellent elasticity and leads to firm and firm skin.
・ Acai * 3: Acai, which grows in harsh environments such as strong infrared rays just below the equator and heavy rain, stores abundant nutrients such as polyphenols, iron, and vitamin E, and is an ally for lively and beautiful skin.
■ 6 FREEs that are kind to the skin and the earth
Paraben / Phthalate / Synthetic colorant / Petroleum-based mineral oil / Microbeads / Animal experiments (no animal experiments on cosmetics)
■ Country of origin: Japan
* Cha leaf * 1 Salvia hispanica seed oil (moisturizing ingredient) * 2 Quinoa seed extract (moisturizing ingredient) * 3 (Asai palm / Euter Bebrecatria / Oobanaka cacao tree) Fruit extract (moisturizing ingredient)