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Kimeshiro Cold Cream Cleansing Moisturizing 150g - Cleansing Cream Made In Japan

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■ Change from dense cream to clear oil!
When applied to the skin, it melts on the skin and turns into an oil!
If your hands become lighter and change to oil, it's a sign of makeup removal!
■ Removes dirt from pores and dead skin cells
Removes dirt and old keratin in the back of pores for smooth skin
Support ingredients for removing dirt and old keratin: Enzyme * 4, White clay * 5, AHA (malic acid) * 6, Baking soda * 7, Vitamin C * 8 derivative
■ Remove cleanly while keeping moisture!
Wraps and removes makeup stains and dead skin cells.
The finish is firm because it keeps the skin moisturized while removing unnecessary things.
Moisturizing skin support ingredients: Saxifraga extract, royal jelly extract, sodium hyaluronate, polyquaternium-61
* 1 Due to massage * 3 Due to old keratin and dirt * 4 Papine (keratin softening) * 5 Kaolin (dirt adsorption) * 6 Apple acid, citric acid, lactic acid (keratin softening) * 7 Hydrogen carbonate Na (keratin softening) * 8 Tetra Ascorbyl hexyldecanoate (skin conditioning)