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Ian Plaisir Advanced Rich Cream Aging Care 80g - Japanese Moisturizing Cream

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A moisturizing face cream containing frankincense, a rare natural essential oil with high water retention, in high purity.
Frankincense can be infiltrated for a longer time by using it in combination with Iampresil lotion.
■ What is Frankincense, a natural essential oil?
Frankincense is an extraordinary water-retaining cosmetological ingredient from the sap of trees grown in the desert regions of the African Continent.
It has been called miracle oil and drops of God for a long time because of its excellent beauty effect that gives the skin firmness, moisture and elasticity.
The rare beauty ingredient frankincense is blended in high purity.
■ Keep moisturized! Contains ingredients with excellent water retention
Contains 15 kinds of natural moisturizing ingredients and the topical proteoglycan.
It is the finest moisturizing veil for the skin that traps moisture and firmness, which is especially worrisome for older skin.
・ Proteoglycan: Moisturizing ingredient
・ Collagen, hyaluric acid, placenta, ceramide, squalane, honey ...
■ Can also be used as a makeup base
It can also be used as a base before makeup.
■ Country of origin: Japan