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Himenemuri Essence C31 Moisturizing 20ml - Japanese Perfect Essence Must Have

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Ryukawa Pharmaceutical, which studies the relationship between sleep and beauty, supports women working from the cosmetics field with the aim of solving skin problems for Japanese women who have the shortest sleep time in the world.
■ DN Repair is a concentrated moisturizing pore care ingredient originally developed by Ryukawa Pharmaceutical using high-concentration human ceramide stock solution * 1 and natural cat's claw bark extract * 2.
Used before going to bed, the texture changes immediately the next morning! For moisturized skin that shines youthfully.
■ Natural cat's claw bark * 2
A plant native to South America. A valuable plant that has been shown to have the effect of repairing the skin from UV damage, and is a raw material for DN Repair®.
■ Relaxing aroma of domestic Yuzu * 3 before going to bed at night.
Contains natural domestic yuzu * 3 and chamomile's unique aroma.
Domestic natural yuzu is said to be effective for deep relaxation before going to bed, with the ancient Japanese Japanese scent that has been proven to have a relaxing effect.
■ The moment you put it on, it penetrates deep into the stratum corneum and is not sticky and smooth to use.
It leads to skin with the original shine and transparency * 4 of the skin in a limited bedtime.
■ Recommended for people with sensitive skin. It can be used as night aging care * 5.
■ Paraben-free and coloring-free
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 1 Ceramide (moisturizing ingredient) * 2 Planthopper atomentosa extract (skin protecting ingredient) * 3 As a fragrance * 4 Moisturizing * 5 Age-appropriate skin care