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Ian Plaisir Lamp Regis Fr Oil Concentrate 20ml - Japanese Beauty Oil For Skin

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■ Frankincense (skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients)
Frankincense has been used as a preservative for mummies since ancient times. It is popular not only as a moisturizing, firm and glossy effect, but also as a relaxing aroma!
■ Micro squalane (skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients)
With a patented manufacturing method, it is a smooth oil that has better penetration than other squalanes and is familiar to the skin.
It not only moisturizes but also keeps the skin smooth.
■ Carefully selected oils (moisturizing, softening, firmness, glossy ingredients) that are rare and have high antioxidant power from all over the world.
Tamanu oil (Terihaboku seed oil), Marula oil (Sclerocaria birea seed oil), Sagi oil (Hipofaeram noides seed oil)
■ Country of origin: Japan