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Cucupore C Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Limited 10 Sheets - Japan Skincare Brand

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■ Easy care with one sheet! Nose sheet pack
A sheet pack for the nose that allows the essence to reach the pores (up to the stratum corneum).
■ Kyu! Contains squeezing serum ingredients.
・ Contains triple vitamin C (ascorbic acid, ascorbic glucoside, tetrahexyldecanoate ascorbic / skin conditioning ingredient).
・ Contains Houttuynia cordata extract, Hamamelis leaf extract, Archchoke leaf extract, and wild thyme extract (all moisturizing ingredients).
■ Tsurun! Wiping serum. / BHA (salicylic acid) formulation for keratin care
By wiping off the softened keratin after the pack, the pores will be smooth!
■ Alcohol free
■ Country of origin: Japan