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Club Airy Touch Day Essence White A Limited 5.6g - Perfect Japanese Stick Serum

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■ Whitening active ingredient: Tranexamic acid suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.
■ Contains light diffusing powder (mica titanium) that makes the skin look bright. / By make-up effect
Blurres dullness and uneven color to create bright and natural skin.
■ Reset dry dullness and dryness! / Tightening ingredient * 2 for smooth skin
Moisture penetrates into every corner of the skin (stratum corneum) and seals! Makeup adheres neatly.
Resets the makeup from the state where it has collapsed due to drying to the state where it is moisturized and the makeup adheres neatly.
■ Recommended at such times
Preparation before make-up, dryness around the eyes, make-up collapse and dryness in the mask, make-up re-makeup due to twisting of make-up.
■ [Quasi-drugs]
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 2 Artichoke extract, Hamamelis extract (skin conditioning ingredient)