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Clear White Skin White Clear Pad Aha 30 Sheets - Japan Clear Pads For Skin

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Old horny OFF! Impressive smooth skin ... The secret of clear skin
■ Contains AHA (malic acid), a keratin clear ingredient.
Softens dead skin cells that could not be removed by washing your face and turns it off with dirt! For moist and smooth skin.
■ Beauty essence earnestly! Rough pad
Catch old dead skin firmly! The usual skin care penetrates into the stratum corneum.
■ Contains fast-acting vitamin C derivatives * 2 + plump transparent skin ingredients.
It instantly penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, giving it a bright transparency and moisture.
Soy milk fermented liquid, plant placenta (waste root extract, chlorella extract, aloe vera leaf extract), collagen
① Take out one pad from the bag.
(2) After washing your face, gently wipe off the skin before skin care using the uneven surface of the pad.
③ Let the liquid remaining on your skin blend in as it is. No rinsing is required. Recommended for use 2-3 times a week.
■ Country of origin: Japan
* 1 Due to old keratin * 2 Skin conditioning ingredient