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Canadel Premier Lift All-In-One Aging Care 58g - Japanese Beauty Lifting Cream

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All-in-one gel specializing in lift care and firmness
■ 5 roles in one / Hari care + Moisturizing care + Keratin care + Mask (pack) + Massage
■ High concentration of beauty ingredient Haripeptide (* 2) developed by paying attention to the function of 5 types of collagen.
It leads to moisturized, firm and elastic skin.
■ Ceramide VC (* 3) combination created by the skin improvement mechanism.
It improves and strengthens the barrier function and moisturizes the skin that has been deflated due to dryness and lack of firmness.
■ Contains 70 kinds of beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) such as Narsgen (* 4), lemon balm (* 5), vitamins (* 6, * 7) that improve the quality of collagen and adjust the skin rhythm. It activates the collagen rhythm of the skin, boosts the regeneration rhythm, and nurtures firmness and moisture.
■ Synthetic fragrance-free, synthetic colorant-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free
■ Calming floral scent with natural essential oils
■ Country of origin: Japan