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Ampleur Luxury De Age Cleansing Oil β-Endorphin - Makeup Cleansing Oil In Japan

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■ A unique blend of 5 types of natural oils that give the skin firmness and luster.
Argan oil, Marula oil, blueberry seed oil, olive fruit oil, squalane
■ Self-maintenance peptide that keeps the skin clean * Combination
An advanced peptide that keeps the condition of the skin clean.
* Skin conditioning ingredients
■ Contains EP extract (β-endorphin-like action) that evokes a happy mood.
It evokes β-endorphin, which is closely related to happiness, and keeps the skin's original healthy condition.
It leads to moisturized skin that exudes a feeling of happiness.
■ Highly cushioned oil for a smooth feel
The mellow oil does not rub the skin and quickly melts and floats the makeup without straining it.
■ Country of origin: Japan