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Amlixia Whitening Moist Essence Arbutin+α 30ml - Japanese Moisture Essence Oil

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■ Whitening active ingredient: Contains arbutin.
It suppresses the activity of tyrosinase involved in the production of melanin pigment, prevents blackening of melanin pigment, and prevents future spots and freckles.
■ Arbutin + α contains oil-soluble vitamin C derivatives (Tetra 2-hexyldecanoate ascorbyl)!
Approach stain freckles with W.
■ Contains moisturizing ingredients that smooth and moisturize the skin.
Pinus pinaster bark extract, prune enzymatic degradation product, Alpinia cutlet red sea bream seed extract, artichoke extract
■ Fragrance-free, colorant-free, alcohol-free, petroleum-based surfactant-free, mineral oil-free, paraben-free
■ [Quasi-drugs]
■ Country of origin: Japan