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Acne Barrier Medicinal Protect Spots (Mobile Size) 6ml - Anti-Acne Products In Japan

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■ Haste care of concentrated herbs!
For skin that does not repeat acne and rough skin due to mask
■ The stuffiness and rubbing caused by mask life can cause sudden acne and rough skin!
Intensive care is important to stop adult acne, which is difficult to heal and tends to leave marks, before it can occur!
■ Contains natural herbs (moisturizers and refreshing agents) for complex adult acne.
・ Tea tree oil
Tea tree, which has been in stock in Australian homes for a long time, is an essential oil that is condensed with the power of nature. Prevents sensitive and complex adult acne while moisturizing the skin.
・ Moisture supply
Hop extract, lavender oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil
■No added ingredients, no coloring, no fragrance, low irritation
■ Pleasant herbal scent
■ Mobile size that is convenient to carry.
■ [Non-medicinal products] Active ingredient / Glycyrrhizinate 2K
■ Country of origin: Japan