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Kiss Matte Chiffon UV Moist Base 01 Light SPF26 PA ++ 37g - Makeup Base For Oily Skin

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■ While moisturized, the surface has a smooth matte finish.
■ While protecting the skin that tends to dry with excellent moisturizing power, it absorbs excess sebum and prevents makeup from coming off.
■ Cleanly covers pores and irregularities to evenly correct the skin and make it smooth.
■ Contains super hyaluronic acid, collagen, vegetable ceramide (comenukasphingo glycolipid), and chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient)
■ Cuts daily UV rays and protects skin from damage / SPF26 PA ++
■ Non-comedogenic tested (not that comedo (the source of acne) does not occur in all people)
■ No UV absorber added.
■ Country of origin: Japan