10 Top Japanese Udon Brands 2024

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Want to make authentic Udon noodles at home? Here are the top Japanese Udon Brands that have reviews and taste just like the authentic Udon noodles!

Savor the authentic taste of Japan with our guide to the top Japanese udon brands. These brands masterfully capture the essence of udon's beloved chewy texture and distinct flavor.

We'll introduce you to the finest selections that bring the traditional noodle house experience right to your kitchen table.

Which Is The Top Japanese Udon Brand?

When choosing a Japanese Udon brand you’ll find lots of options. But having tried several Japanese Udon brands, I found that Mugendo Inaniwa Udon to be the best Japanese Udon brand. 

Mugendo Inaniwa Udon is made with fine wheat and comes from the Akita prefecture. The Mugendo Inaniwa Udon are hand-stretched without the use of oil. The noodles have a slippery, smooth texture and rich flavor. You can choose your own toppings and sauce to go along with it. Udon noodles with soy sauce or sesame are quite popular. When serving, Udon noodles are served with sliced meat and boiled vegetables.

Top Japanese Udon Brand Type
Sanuki Udon Sanuki
Mugendo Inaniwa Udon Inaniwa
Hime Dried Udon Noodles Dried
Hakubaku Organic Udon Noodles Organic
Shirakiku Sanukiya Udon Noodles Sanukiya
Neoguri Spicy Seafood Udon Noodles Spicy Seafood
Ka-Me Stir Fry Udon Noodles Stir Fry
Maruchan Akai Kitsune Udon Cup Noodles Tofu Cup Noodles

Top Japanese Udon Brands

Mizusawa Udon (水沢うどん)

Mizusawa Udon is a well-known Japanese udon noodle brand that has earned a reputation for its exceptional quality, authentic flavor, and dedication to traditional craftsmanship. 

Hailing from the Mizusawa region in Iwate Prefecture, these udon noodles embody the essence of Japanese culinary heritage.

One of the standout features of Mizusawa Udon noodles is their handmade production process. 

Skilled artisans meticulously craft the noodles using time-honored techniques that have been passed down through generations. 

The dough is carefully kneaded and rolled by hand, resulting in udon noodles that are thick, chewy, and have a delightful texture.

The texture of Mizusawa Udon noodles is one of their defining characteristics. They have a satisfying chewiness that adds a wonderful mouthfeel to each bite. 

The thickness of the noodles provides a substantial and hearty experience, making them ideal for slurping in traditional udon dishes.

In terms of flavor, Mizusawa Udon noodles offer a rich and robust taste that captures the essence of wheat. 

They have a deep wheaty flavor that is both comforting and inviting. Whether served in a flavorful broth or accompanied by a dipping sauce, Mizusawa Udon noodles absorb flavors beautifully and contribute to a harmonious and satisfying dining experience.

Furthermore, Mizusawa Udon noodles are versatile and can be enjoyed in a wide range of dishes. They are traditionally served in udon soups with various toppings such as tempura, green onions, or kamaboko (fish cake).

Additionally, they can be stir-fried, used in hot pot dishes, or even enjoyed cold in refreshing salads. The versatility of Mizusawa Udon noodles opens up a world of culinary possibilities.

It's worth mentioning that Mizusawa Udon noodles may not be as widely available as more common noodle brands. 

However, they can often be found in Japanese specialty stores or online platforms that offer a selection of authentic Japanese food products.

Key Features

  • Handmade production process: Mizusawa Udon noodles are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.
  • Thick and chewy texture: These udon noodles offer a satisfying and substantial chewiness that enhances the eating experience.
  • Rich wheaty flavor: Mizusawa Udon noodles have a deep and authentic wheat flavor that adds richness to dishes.
  • Versatility: These noodles can be enjoyed in various preparations, including soups, stir-fries, hot pots, and cold salads.
  • Culinary heritage: Mizusawa Udon noodles hail from the Mizusawa region in Iwate Prefecture, representing the cultural and culinary traditions of the area.

Sanuki Udon

Originating from Kagawa prefecture, Sanuki Udon is one of the top Japanese udon brand and known to be thick and chewy. It tastes best when made with a soup stock made with sardines and seasoned with soy sauce. 

The Sanuki Udon pack comes with 12 bags of noodles. It comes at an affordable price rate. The flat noodles have an elastic texture and are great for those sudden hunger pangs when you want to devour something savory.

The flavor is rich and delicious and the chewing texture gives you a pleasant experience. Get this noodle meal together with sauce as per your taste and enjoy it.

Key Features:

  • The pack comes with 12 bags of thick and chewy noodles
  • Tastes best when made with a soup stock with sardines and seasoned with soy sauce
  • Elastic texture
  • Savory and delicious

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Mugendo Inaniwa Udon

Inaniwa Udon comes from Akita prefecture of Japan that is made with fine wheat. One of the top Japanese udon brands, the noodles are stretched by hand without any use of oil. The noodles are characterized by its smooth and slippery texture.

The Mugendo Inaniwa Udon noodles are amazingly delicious with its rich flavor and consistency. It can be cooked with the ingredients of your choice.

I tried these with different flavored soups such as soya sauce and sesame and loved it. To prepare a meal with these, plate them with sliced meat or boiled vegetables. I love the smooth texture of the noodles, and I am sure you will enjoy it too.

Key Features:

  • Smooth and slippery texture
  • Heavenly taste with soya sauce and sesame miso soup
  • Can be cooked with various ingredients
  • Rich in taste and flavorful

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Hime Dried Udon Noodles

Another one of the top Japanese udon brand, Hime is the brand that you turn to if you are looking for authentic Japanese ingredients. With Hime Udon noodles, you can prepare a delicious bowl of noodles and fulfill your cravings. 

I love these Hime Dried udon noodles so much! They are perfect for a cold winter evening to make you feel warm. These noodles taste the best with mixed vegetables or meat broth as per your choice. It doesn’t even take long to cook, hence is a perfect noodle snack for your tummy.

This pack of noodles, when cooked, gives you actual flavor because no oil is used at the time of production. You must try cooking different delicious meals with these.

Key Features:

  • Best for mid-time snack
  • Great combination with pork broth and tempura 
  • Does not take a lot of time to cook
  • Absolute perfect amount 

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Hakubaku Organic Udon Noodles

Hakubaku is a brand that is known to bring out authentic and high-quality Udon noodles that is extremely popular all over Japan, which is why it’s one of the top Japanese Udon brand. The noodles from the brand are also a popular option across many countries.

The noodles made by Hakubaku also do not have any salt added in them so they take in whatever flavor you add to them.

You get three bundles of joy in this noodle packet from Hakubaku. This one is just amazing with thick density and tastes awesome when mixed with miso paste. The quality of the flavor is rich because no salt is added to it.

You can try a quick bowl of noodles to satisfy those sudden hunger pangs. They are organic and healthy at the same time, so just go for this deal! With dashi or bonito fish and serving of meat and sauce, you can enjoy this dish. 

Key Features:

  • Perfect thickness with great quality
  • No salt gives a rich flavor and allows you to create your wishful dish 
  • Organic and healthy; worth the price
  • Additional servings give you the best noodle meal

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Shirakiku Sanukiya Udon Noodles

Shirakiku is known to bring to us high-quality Japanese food items and has been successfully serving clients ever since it first started. 

One of the top Japanese udon brand, it is also one of the most popular one and is trusted by everyone. I love the texture of Shirakiku’s udon noodles. Thick and smooth, you will fall in love with it too.

The Sanukiya udon noodles are my all-time favorite instant udon meal. With great quality and affordable price, it is an absolute deal! This noodle is thick and gets you a perfect soup base when layered with tempura, mushrooms, seeds, or any other toppings of your choice.

These can be cooked instantly with boiled vegetables as well to achieve that real taste. With an easy cooking process, bag these yummy noodles to fulfill that desire.

Key Features:

  • Perfect soup base 
  • Instantly cooked with varied toppings 
  • Gives you an authentic taste
  • Try out with traditional toppings and treat yourself

Neoguri Spicy Seafood Udon Noodles

Neoguri is also one of the top Japanese udon brand that has gained a huge fan-following.

It is known for its thick-styled udon noodles with a distinct spicy seafood flavor. Neoguri is known to bring an authentic seafood taste with real seafood ingredients. 

You are lagging behind if you have not tried these spicy seafood udon noodles from Neoguri yet! These unique noodles are flavored! It is a perfect mix of top-quality ingredients and a combination of spices to deliver that rich seafood experience. If you are somebody who is fond of salty and spicy food, then this is for you.

With a nice thick and chewy texture, you get an awesome seafood flavor. Serve them up with your favorite toppings. You must try these out.

Key Features:

  • Thick and chewy texture
  • Flavored with a blend of spices and great ingredients 
  • Seafood flavor for a rich experience
  • Enjoy with toppings of your taste

Ka-Me Stir Fry Udon Noodles

Ka-Me means “turtle” in Japanese. Turtles, in Japan, are a symbol of longevity. And so, the name of the brand denotes longevity of the brand’s popularity. Ever since its inception, the brand has brought to us pure authenticity. 

One of the top Japanese Udon brand, the Ka-Me Stir Fry Udon Noodles gets you a pack of six at this affordable price. I am sure you will love everything about these as it requires only two minutes for instant cooking and can be added to your favorite recipe or broth.

Known for its perfect amount of thickness and chew, it is made up of excellent ingredients that just balance the taste and create a great flavor. Surely, this is the best to hit the spot for you. Also, you can eat them cold or hot. 

Key Features:

  • You get a pack of six bundles at this price
  • Gets ready in two minutes 
  • Greasy and soft with absolute thickness and chew
  • Tastes best cold or hot

Maruchan Akai Kitsune Udon Cup Noodles

Maruchan is an instant noodle brand that brings to us ready-to-eat udon noodles that are perfect for when we are in a rush. One of the top Japanese Udon brand, this brand is a top option for those who are always in need of a quick meal amidst the daily routine. 

In the middle of work and having noodle cravings? If yes, then you must go for these instant cup noodles from Maruchan that gets ready in no time. It is an ideal match of great flavor and quite thick consistency.

It becomes a great meal when served with soft and firm tofu for better taste. Cooking them is not rocket science. Just unpack the soup base content into hot water and stir it for five minutes. This is a great option for your daily mid snacks. Give it a try.

Key Features:

  • Comes out best when served with fried tofu
  • Empty, stir, and enjoy the meal 
  • Instant noodle bowl of all time with delicious flavor
  • Great consistency 

How to choose the best Japanese udon noodles?

When choosing the best Japanese udon noodles, consider the following factors to ensure a satisfying culinary experience:

  • Type of Udon: There are different types of udon noodles available, such as Sanuki udon, Mizusawa udon, and Inaniwa udon. Each type has its own unique characteristics in terms of thickness, texture, and flavor. Research and try different types to determine your preference.
  • Freshness: Look for udon noodles that are freshly made or have a relatively short shelf life. Fresh udon noodles tend to have a better texture and taste compared to pre-packaged, shelf-stable options.
  • Texture: Consider the desired texture of your udon noodles. Some prefer thicker and chewier noodles, while others prefer thinner and softer varieties. Experiment with different textures to find the one that suits your taste.
  • Ingredients: Check the ingredient list of the udon noodles. Look for noodles made from high-quality wheat flour and water. Avoid those with artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Brand and Reputation: Research reputable brands known for producing high-quality udon noodles. Look for brands that specialize in udon or have a long-standing tradition in noodle-making.
  • Cooking Instructions: Consider the cooking instructions provided on the packaging. Some udon noodles require specific cooking techniques, such as boiling, rinsing, or soaking in hot water. Choose noodles that are convenient to prepare and fit your cooking preferences.
  • Authenticity: If you're seeking an authentic experience, look for udon noodles that are imported directly from Japan. They are more likely to adhere to traditional methods and offer an authentic taste.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, the best udon noodles are the ones that align with your personal taste preferences. Consider the thickness, texture, and flavor profile that you enjoy the most.

It's recommended to try different brands and types of udon noodles to discover your favorites. Exploring local Japanese markets or specialty stores may provide a wider selection of authentic udon noodles to choose from.

Types of Japanese Udon

There are several types of Japanese udon noodles, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are some popular types of udon:

  • Sanuki Udon

Sanuki udon is one of the most well-known types of udon. It originates from Kagawa Prefecture and is characterized by its chewy texture and flat, square shape. Sanuki udon is typically thicker than other types of udon and is often served in a soy-based broth with various toppings.

  • Kansai-style Udon

Kansai-style udon, also known as Kansai udon, is popular in the Kansai region of Japan, which includes cities like Osaka and Kyoto. This type of udon is slightly thinner and softer compared to Sanuki udon. It is often served in a light soy-based broth and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

  • Mizusawa Udon

Mizusawa udon hails from the Mizusawa region in Iwate Prefecture. It is characterized by its thicker and chewier texture, similar to Sanuki udon. Mizusawa udon noodles are typically served in a savory broth and are well-known for their rich wheat flavor.

  • Inaniwa Udon

Inaniwa udon comes from Akita Prefecture. It is made by hand-stretching the dough and cutting it into thin, flat strands. Inaniwa udon has a delicate and smooth texture. The noodles are often served cold with a dipping sauce, but they can also be enjoyed in hot broth.

  • Kitsune Udon

Kitsune udon is a classic udon dish that features udon noodles served in a hot soy-based broth with a topping of sweetened fried tofu (aburaage). The sweet and savory combination of flavors makes it a popular choice.

  • Tempura Udon

Tempura udon consists of udon noodles served in a flavorful broth with a side of crispy tempura. The hot udon and the contrasting texture of the tempura create a satisfying and delicious combination.

  • Yaki Udon

Yaki udon is a stir-fried variation of udon noodles. The noodles are sautéed with vegetables, meat, and a savory sauce. It is a popular street food dish in Japan and offers a different taste and texture compared to traditional udon soup dishes.

What is the most popular udon in Japan? 

Sanuki Udon is the most popular type of udon in Japan. Originating from Kagawa Prefecture, Sanuki udon is known for its thick and chewy texture. It is often served in a soy-based broth and topped with various ingredients such as green onions, tempura, or grated ginger. Sanuki udon's popularity is attributed to its satisfyingly hearty and chewy noodles, which have become a beloved culinary icon in Japan.

Why udon noodles are the best?

Udon noodles are the best due to their versatility and delightful texture. They have a satisfyingly chewy and springy texture that adds a pleasant mouthfeel to dishes. Udon noodles can absorb flavors beautifully, enhancing the overall taste of soups, stir-fries, and other preparations. Their ability to retain their shape even when cooked al dente makes them enjoyable to eat. Udon noodles are also versatile, allowing for creative culinary exploration. Whether you prefer them in a comforting hot soup or in a refreshing cold salad, udon noodles offer a delightful dining experience.

Enjoy Udon to the fullest!

These were the best Japanese Udon noodles brands that you must try. I love each one of them for their distinct taste and wonderful texture. I am sure you will enjoy the flavors too. 

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