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5 Popular Makeup Trends In Japan 2024

Jun 03, 2024Shopify API

Dive into the world of Japanese beauty with the latest makeup trends that are taking the scene by storm. From the flawless 'glass skin' look to playful pops of color and innovative products, discover how these trends blend traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair, setting global beauty standards.


Popular Japanese Makeup Trends 2024

Here are some of the most popular Japanese makeup trends to watch for this year:

  • Dewy, natural skin
  • Faux freckles
  • Pencil + liquid eyeliner
  • Colorful lips
  • Grunge glam

These are just a few of the popular Japanese makeup trends in 2024. With so many different options to choose from, there is sure to be a trend that is perfect for everyone. So get creative and experiment with different looks until you find the one that you love.

Let’s delve into each of these Japanese makeup trends for 2024 and learn how to get this look!

Dewy, Natural Skin Makeup Trend in Japan

This is a popular trend all over the world, but it is especially prevalent in Japan. Japanese women love the look of healthy, glowing skin, and they are always looking for ways to achieve that dewy finish. 

There are many different products and techniques that can be used to create dewy skin, but some of the most popular include using a hydrating foundation, applying a layer of highlighter, and using a setting spray.

Here's how Japanese women have mastered the art of dewy, natural skin makeup:

  • Skin Preparation: The foundation of achieving a dewy complexion begins with proper skincare. Japanese beauty routines prioritize meticulous cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. High-quality skincare products are used to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. Many Japanese women also incorporate sheet masks and serums into their skincare routines to boost hydration and address specific skin concerns.
  • Lightweight Base Products: Japanese makeup enthusiasts often opt for lightweight foundations, BB creams, or tinted moisturizers. These products provide coverage while allowing the skin's natural texture to shine through. The key is to choose a shade that closely matches your skin tone to maintain a seamless, natural look.
  • Sunscreen: Sun protection is a non-negotiable step in Japanese skincare and makeup routines. Sunscreen not only shields the skin from harmful UV rays but also helps maintain a youthful complexion. Many Japanese beauty products, including makeup, contain SPF to ensure consistent sun protection throughout the day.
  • Subtle Highlighting: Instead of heavy contouring, Japanese makeup artists favor subtle highlighting to enhance the natural contours of the face. A touch of highlighter is applied to the high points of the face, such as the tops of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the cupid's bow. This technique imparts a soft, lit-from-within glow.
  • Blush Placement: Blush plays a crucial role in achieving that fresh, youthful appearance. Japanese women often apply blush high on the cheeks, closer to the eyes, and blend it slightly outward. This technique mimics the natural flush that occurs when blood rushes to the cheeks, creating a vibrant, healthy complexion.
  • Minimal Powder: Excessive powdering is avoided to maintain the dewy look. Instead, translucent setting powders are lightly dusted only in areas prone to shine, such as the T-zone. This keeps the skin looking luminous while ensuring makeup longevity.
  • Hydrating Mists: To maintain the dewy finish throughout the day, many Japanese women carry hydrating facial mists in their bags. A quick spritz can refresh the skin and revive the natural glow, especially in dry or hot weather.
  • Skincare-Infused Makeup: Japanese beauty brands often infuse their makeup products with skincare ingredients. This not only provides additional hydration but also supports skin health. Look for makeup items that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ceramides for a skin-loving touch.
  • Natural Eyebrows and Lips: In line with the overall natural aesthetic, Japanese makeup trends also prioritize natural-looking eyebrows and lips. Eyebrows are lightly filled in to enhance their shape, while lip colors tend to be soft and subtle, often matching the natural lip shade.

The dewy, natural skin makeup trend in Japan exemplifies the beauty of embracing one's natural features while enhancing them with a touch of luminosity. 

It's a look that exudes health, vitality, and timeless elegance, and it continues to captivate makeup enthusiasts around the world who aspire to achieve the Japanese "I woke up like this" glow.

Faux Freckles Makeup Trend In Japan

Freckles are having a moment, and Japanese women are embracing the trend. 

Faux freckles can be created using a variety of methods, such as using a brow pencil, a liquid liner, or even a tattoo pen. The key is to use a light hand and to create a natural-looking effect.

Here's a closer look at this trend and how it's making its mark in Japanese makeup culture:

  • The Appeal of Faux Freckles: Faux freckles add a touch of innocence and freshness to one's appearance. They give the impression of sun-kissed skin and a carefree, youthful spirit. This trend allows individuals to experiment with their look, adding a unique and endearing element to their makeup routine.
  • Application Techniques: Achieving the perfect faux freckles involves careful and creative application. Japanese makeup artists and enthusiasts use various tools and techniques to create freckle-like dots on the cheeks, nose, and sometimes across the forehead. Common methods include using a fine-tipped eyeliner pencil or brow pencil, a small makeup brush, or even a toothbrush for a more scattered, natural effect.
  • Placement and Sizing: Faux freckles can be placed strategically to mimic the look of natural freckles. They are often concentrated on the bridge of the nose, the cheeks, and occasionally on the chin. The size and density of the freckles can vary, allowing for customization based on personal preference.
  • Freckle Colors: To achieve a natural appearance, freckles are typically drawn using warm, earthy tones such as light brown, caramel, or soft orange shades. The key is to select a color that complements your skin tone, as freckles should blend seamlessly with your complexion.
  • Setting and Blending: After applying faux freckles, it's essential to lightly tap or press them with a makeup sponge or finger to blend them into the skin. This ensures they appear more natural and less like distinct dots on the face. Setting with a sheer powder can help the freckles stay in place throughout the day.
  • Complementary Makeup: Faux freckles often pair well with a natural makeup look. A fresh, dewy complexion, subtle blush, and soft lip color enhance the overall aesthetic. The goal is to maintain a youthful and carefree appearance.
  • Freckles as a Statement: Some individuals take the faux freckles trend to the next level by creating bolder and more artistic freckle patterns. This can be a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their creativity and unique style.
  • Seasonal Variation: In Japan, faux freckles are particularly popular during the spring and summer seasons when a sun-kissed look is desired. They complement light, breezy clothing and contribute to a relaxed, beachy vibe.

The faux freckles makeup trend in Japan exemplifies the country's embrace of individuality and self-expression in the realm of beauty. 

It adds a whimsical touch to everyday makeup routines and encourages creativity in makeup application. 

Whether subtle and natural or bold and artistic, faux freckles offer a fun and charming way to enhance one's appearance and express their unique personality.

Pencil + Liquid Eyeliner Makeup Trend in Japan

This is a new trend that is starting to gain popularity in Japan. The idea is to use both a pencil and liquid eyeliner to create a more defined and dramatic eye look. The pencil is used to create the base of the eyeliner, and the liquid eyeliner is used to add definition and thickness.

Here's a closer look at the pencil + liquid eyeliner trend in Japan and how it's making waves in the world of beauty:

  • Precision and Versatility: The pencil + liquid eyeliner trend offers the best of both worlds. Pencil eyeliner provides precision and control, making it ideal for defining the waterline, tight lining, or creating soft, smudged lines. Liquid eyeliner, on the other hand, offers intense pigmentation and the ability to create sharp, crisp lines for dramatic cat eyes or graphic looks.
  • The Perfect Winged Liner: Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner is a coveted skill in the makeup world, and Japanese makeup enthusiasts have mastered it with the pencil + liquid eyeliner combination. The pencil liner can be used to sketch the desired shape, while the liquid liner is used to create a clean, sharp wing.
  • Gradient and Smoky Effects: Japanese makeup artists often use pencil liner to create a smudged or gradient effect. By applying the pencil liner along the lash line and smudging it gently, they can achieve a soft, smoky appearance that enhances the eyes without appearing too harsh.
  • Eye-Enlarging Techniques: The pencil + liquid eyeliner trend is also used to make the eyes appear larger and more defined. By applying pencil liner to the lower waterline and extending it slightly beyond the outer corners of the eyes, a wide-eyed, doll-like effect can be achieved.
  • Multifaceted Looks: Japanese makeup enthusiasts appreciate the versatility of this trend, as it allows them to switch between different eyeliner styles effortlessly. Whether they want a subtle daytime look or a bold, statement-making evening look, the pencil + liquid eyeliner combo can adapt to their preferences.
  • Experimentation with Colors: While black remains a classic choice for eyeliner, Japanese makeup artists often experiment with various colors. Pencil liners are available in a wide range of shades, allowing for creative and colorful eye looks that can be amplified with precise liquid liner details.
  • Longevity and Waterproof Options: Japanese makeup brands are known for their high-quality, long-lasting eyeliners. Many pencil and liquid eyeliners are formulated to be waterproof, ensuring that the eyeliner remains intact throughout the day, even in humid conditions.
  • Detailed Artistry: Some Japanese makeup enthusiasts take the pencil + liquid eyeliner trend to the next level by creating intricate designs and patterns on the eyelids. This level of artistry showcases the skill and creativity that this trend enables.

The pencil + liquid eyeliner trend in Japan exemplifies the country's commitment to precision and attention to detail in makeup application.

Whether used for everyday elegance or avant-garde artistic expression, this technique offers a versatile canvas for creating eye-catching looks. 

It's a trend that continues to evolve and inspire makeup enthusiasts both in Japan and around the world, pushing the boundaries of eyeliner artistry.

Colorful Lips Makeup Trend in Japan

Japanese women love to experiment with color, and this is reflected in their lipstick choices. In 2023, we can expect to see a lot of bold and vibrant lipsticks, such as red, pink, and orange. 

However, we will also see a trend towards more muted and natural lip colors, such as nude and pink.

Here's an exploration of the colorful lips makeup trend in Japan and how it's redefining beauty norms:

  • Breaking from Tradition: Traditionally, Japanese makeup favored subtle and understated lip colors, often leaning towards soft pinks and muted reds. The colorful lips trend represents a break from these norms, encouraging the use of vibrant and unconventional lip shades.
  • Bold and Diverse Color Palette: From electric blues and fiery oranges to playful purples and deep greens, the colorful lips trend encompasses a diverse spectrum of hues. Japanese makeup enthusiasts are embracing these bold colors to express their individuality and creativity.
  • Gradient Lip Technique: A popular approach within this trend is the gradient lip technique, where the lip color is concentrated in the center of the lips and fades outward. This creates a subtle, gradient effect and adds a touch of whimsy to the overall look.
  • Ombre Lips: Building on the gradient technique, ombre lips involve blending two or more lip colors to create a seamless transition from one shade to another. This technique allows for artistic expression and endless possibilities in lip makeup.
  • Lip Artistry: Some makeup artists and enthusiasts take the colorful lips trend to the next level by creating intricate lip designs and patterns. These lip art creations often incorporate elements of Japanese culture, such as cherry blossoms or geometric shapes, adding an extra layer of creativity to the trend.
  1. Non-Traditional Lip Finishes: Along with bold colors, the trend has also popularized non-traditional lip finishes, including metallic, holographic, and glossy options. These finishes give lips a unique and eye-catching dimension.
  1. Multifunctional Lip Products: Japanese beauty brands have responded to the trend by introducing multifunctional lip products that can be used as lipsticks, lip liners, and even eyeliners or blush. This versatility allows for creative experimentation and helps makeup enthusiasts achieve the perfect colorful lip look.
  1. Confidence and Self-Expression: The colorful lips trend is not just about makeup; it's also about self-expression and confidence. It encourages individuals to step outside their comfort zones, embrace their uniqueness, and express their personality through vibrant lip colors.
  1. Versatile for All Occasions: Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, the colorful lips trend offers versatility. Subtle pinks and corals can be chosen for a daytime look, while bold purples or reds can make a statement for a night out.
  1. Inclusivity: This trend promotes inclusivity by celebrating beauty in all its forms. It is not bound by age, gender, or ethnicity, making it accessible and appealing to a wide range of people.

The colorful lips makeup trend in Japan represents a shift towards more adventurous and artistic expressions of beauty. 

It empowers individuals to explore the boundaries of traditional makeup and embrace a world of vibrant possibilities. 

As this trend continues to evolve, it redefines beauty norms and encourages self-confidence and self-expression among makeup enthusiasts in Japan and beyond.

Grunge Glam Makeup Trend In Japan

This is a more edgy and dramatic makeup trend that is perfect for those who want to make a statement. 

Grunge glam makeup typically features dark eye makeup, such as smokey eyes or winged eyeliner, and bold lip colors, such as red or black.

Here's a closer look at this trend and how it's redefining beauty norms in the Land of the Rising Sun:

  • Smoky Eyes: The focal point of Grunge Glam makeup is undoubtedly the eyes. This trend embraces dark, smoky eye makeup that is expertly blended and smudged. Deep shades of eyeshadow, like charcoal, plum, and dark brown, create a sultry, grunge-inspired look.
  • Bold Eyeliner: Thick, smudged eyeliner, often in shades of black or deep brown, adds intensity and depth to the eyes. The eyeliner is applied generously along the upper and lower lash lines, with an emphasis on creating a slightly "lived-in" appearance.
  • Embracing Imperfection: Unlike traditional Japanese makeup styles that prioritize perfection, Grunge Glam encourages embracing imperfections. Smudged eyeliner, intentionally messy eyeshadow, and even visible dark circles under the eyes are all elements that contribute to the grunge-inspired aesthetic.
  • Heavy Mascara: To accentuate the eyes further, generous coats of mascara are applied to create voluminous, dramatic lashes. Some makeup enthusiasts even opt for clumpy mascara for a more authentic grunge look.
  • Contoured Cheekbones: While the eyes are the star of the show, Grunge Glam makeup often incorporates subtle contouring to define the cheekbones and add dimension to the face. The contouring is not as pronounced as in some other makeup trends, maintaining a certain raw and unrefined quality.
  • Bold Lip Colors: Grunge Glam makeup doesn't stop at the eyes. The lips play a significant role, often adorned with bold lip colors. Deep reds, plums, and even black lipsticks are popular choices, adding an element of rebellion and defiance to the look.
  • Matte Finishes: Matte textures are preferred for both the eyes and lips in Grunge Glam makeup. This matte finish contributes to the overall edgy and nonchalant appearance.
  • Unconventional Beauty: Grunge Glam makeup celebrates unconventional forms of beauty. This trend has a way of making perceived flaws, such as messy hair or undone makeup, part of its charm.
  • Unisex Appeal: The Grunge Glam trend transcends gender boundaries. Both men and women in Japan have embraced this style, highlighting its inclusive and rebellious nature.
  • Fashion Synergy: Grunge Glam makeup often complements grunge-inspired fashion, which includes distressed denim, leather jackets, and chunky boots. The synergy between makeup and fashion creates a cohesive and striking overall look.

The Grunge Glam makeup trend in Japan is all about embracing the raw, rebellious, and unrefined aspects of beauty. It's a style that encourages individuality, self-expression, and a bold attitude. 

As makeup enthusiasts in Japan continue to explore the edgier side of beauty, the Grunge Glam trend is likely to remain a captivating and influential force in the world of Japanese makeup.


These are just a few of the top Japanese makeup trends in 2023. With so many different options to choose from, there is sure to be a trend that is perfect for everyone. 

So get creative and experiment with different looks until you find the one that you love.

Here are some additional tips for achieving the Japanese makeup trends:

  • Use light layers of makeup to create a natural-looking finish.
  • Focus on highlighting your natural features, such as your eyes and lips.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures.
  • Have fun with your makeup! The Japanese makeup trends are all about expressing your personality and creativity.

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