Is Nike Cheaper In Japan?

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Is Nike Cheaper in Japan?”, you might have wondered often if you love Nike. Let’s compare the prices of Nike in Japan with other countries and check if it's true.

Dunks, Air Force or Jordan 1s, Nike shoes have become the new cool. Everyone around is wearing those swoosh sneakers and not gonna lie, they look so freaking good. 

Picture this: the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, the bustling fashion districts, and the promise of snagging a sweet deal on your favorite Nike kicks. It sounds like a sneaker dream, doesn't it? 

But hold up – before you start counting your yen, let's lace up our investigative shoes and stroll through the ins and outs of sneaker prices in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nike shoes prices in different countries are impacted by exchange rates, import taxes, transportation costs, local demand, competition, economic conditions, retail markup, and brand perception. 

These factors collectively determine how Nike adjusts prices to align with currency values, market dynamics, and consumer preferences in each country.

From Shibuya's iconic Scramble Crossing to the old-school vibes of Osaka, we're digging into whether the Japanese streets are paved with sneaker gold or if it's all just a fashionable façade. Let’s find out if Nike is cheaper in Japan or not?

Nike Products in Japan vs Other Countries:

Nike Product Cost in Japan Cost in other countries
Air Force 1 ¥11,900 USA - $100 (¥13,149)
Nike Dunk Low ¥12,900  UK - £95 (¥17,648) 
Air Jordan 1 ¥14,900 Singapore - S$189 (¥20,455)
Nike Dunk High ¥13,900  Phillipines - ₱8,000 (¥20,579)

Is Nike Cheaper in Japan?

Yes, Nike is cheaper in Japan due to lower import duties and a stronger Japanese yen.

The Japanese government imposes a lower import duty on shoes than some other countries, which means that Nike shoes are not subject to as much tax when they are imported into Japan.

    What Influences Nike’s Cost

    Majorly, living expenses have an impact on consumers' purchasing power, rivalry in the market also  has an impact on pricing policies, and import tariffs have an effect on the final retail price of Nike products. 

    • Living expenses affect the price of Nike where it’s sold:  living expenses in Japan are low as compared to many countries like USA, UK etc., which in turn affects Nike's pricing strategy. 

    For example, monthly expenses including bills in Tokyo can be easily covered under 1,000,00 yen in Tokyo while in the west (USA or UK), the same can go as high as $3500 a month.

    Nike products can be produced and distributed at cheaper prices, making it affordable for the consumers.

    • Market competition makes Nike affordable in Japan: In a competitive athletic goods market like Japan, where numerous brands like Onitsuka Tiger, Asics, etc. vie for consumer attention, Nike faces pressure to price its products competitively to drive sales.

     The high level of competition necessitates a strategic approach. By pricing Nike products more affordably, the brand can attract a larger consumer base, even amidst the cost-conscious market.

    This approach helps Nike maintain its market share and brand loyalty. It also allows Nike to strike a balance between premium quality and affordability within the competitive landscape.

    • Impact of import taxes on pricing of Nike: Import taxes, tariffs, and duties imposed by governments can significantly affect the cost of Nike products in a particular country. These taxes are applied to the value of the imported goods, including transportation and other costs. 

    Japan has a low import tax on shoes, which is only about 5% but in the USA, it’s double i.e., 10%. This makes Japan a perfect place to buy your shoes even while we take into account the import duties.

    Why is Nike Cheaper in Japan?

    Nike can be cheaper in Japan due to various factors including lower import taxes, local competition, and market strategies. 

    For example, a pair of Nike shoes priced at $100 in the USA might cost around $90 (13,000 Yen)  in Japan due to lower import duties. 

    However, exceptions are always there. So here are a few things to keep in mind which can make a price difference.

    • The price difference can occur if specific models or sizes are in higher demand in Japan, leading to similar or slightly higher prices. 
    • Additionally, sales, promotions, and currency fluctuations can impact price differences between the two countries in the sale of Nike products.
    • If the Nike products belong to limited-edition collections or are highly in demand, the prices might be high in Japan too.
    • Check out factory outlet stores rather than buying Nike from department stores as the former are much cheaper and affordable. 
    • If you’re buying Nike products from resellers in Japan, they’re definitely going to be expensive as they’ll not be priced for retail. 
    • Prices of Nike products fluctuate depending on place and retailer.

    Nike Price in Japan Vs USA

    Japan has cheaper Nike products if you compare them with the price of Nike in the USA. Let’s check out a few factors that causes the price difference: 

    • Living Expenses: The living expenses in the USA is higher, hence the products are way more expensive as the people earn higher disposable income. Japan has a considerably lower living expense which makes brands like Nike cheaper in the country.
    • Import Taxes: Japan generally imposes lower import duties on shoes than the USA, reducing the added cost on Nike products.
    • Better competition in the athletic goods market: The competition of athletic goods in Japan is higher as there are tons of brands available as compared to the USA. Hence, Nike offers goods at affordable rates to keep up in the Japanese athletic market.

    Is Nike Cheaper In Japan Or The UK?

    Japan has cheaper Nike products as compared to the UK. Let’s check out a few factors that causes the price difference: 

    • Living Expenses: The cost of living in the UK is much higher than in Japan. The initial cost of production of Nike products in the UK is higher making them expensive to buy. Japan has a lower cost of living hence, making Nike cheaper in Japan.
    • Import Taxes: The UK government imposes higher tax on goods than the Japanese government on imported items. Therefore, Nike products are cheaper in Japan than the UK from the tax aspect. 
    • Better competition in the athletic goods market: The competition of athletic goods in Japan is higher as there are tons of brands available as compared to the UK. It’s easy to get Nike at cheaper rates in Japan.

    Nike Price in Japan vs Singapore

    Nike products are cheaper in Japan compared to Singapore, due to 3 major reasons:

    • Living Expenses: While Japan has a higher overall cost of living, local purchasing power can be relatively higher, allowing Nike to offer products at price points that align with consumer affordability.
    • Import Taxes: Japan often imposes lower import duties on shoes compared to Singapore, which helps reduce the cost of Nike products in the Japanese market. 
    • Better competition in the athletic goods market: Japan's competitive athletic goods market might prompt Nike to price its products more competitively to capture a larger share of consumers, potentially leading to lower prices.

    Nike Price in Japan Vs Phillippines

    Yes, Nike products are cheaper in Japan than in Phillippines. If we compare Nike Air Force 1 shoes in both countries, you can easily understand the difference. Air Force 1 ‘07 in Japan is priced at 11,199 Yen while in Phillippines it’s priced at 5295 php which is more than 13000 Yen. 

    The price difference is due to lower taxes imposed on imported goods in Japan, low cost of living and greater market competition in Japan compared to Phillippines.

    Purchasing Nike Products in Japan: Where and How? 

    Purchasing Nike products in Japan is easy and diverse, with multiple options available. You can find a wide selection of Nike items at official Nike stores, both standalone and in major shopping centers across cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. 

    These stores offer the latest releases and a complete range of Nike products. Department stores and specialty sportswear retailers also stock Nike items. 

    Additionally, online platforms, including the official Nike Japan website and e-commerce marketplaces, provide convenient options for browsing and buying. 

    Whether you're seeking iconic sneakers, performance gear, or athleisure wear, Japan's varied retail landscape ensures you'll find Nike products to suit your preferences.

    • Outlet Stores: Explore Nike factory outlet stores for discounted prices on past-season or slightly imperfect items.
    • Sales and Promotions: Keep an eye out for seasonal sales and special events, like New Year's sales or summer discounts, to save on Nike products.
    • Tax-Free Shopping: If you're a tourist, take advantage of the tax-free shopping system available in Japan to save on the consumption tax.
    • Membership and Loyalty Programs: Join loyalty programs or sign up for newsletters to receive exclusive offers and early access to sales.
    • Online Shopping: Browse the official Nike Japan website or authorized e-commerce platforms for online-exclusive deals and promotions.
    • Second-Hand Shops: Visit thrift stores or resale shops that might carry gently used Nike products at more affordable prices.
    • Compare Prices: Compare prices across different retailers and platforms to ensure you're getting the best deal.
    • Local Markets: Explore local flea markets or street stalls for potential bargains on Nike products.
    • Student Discounts: If you're a student, inquire about student discounts available at some Nike retail locations.
    • Buy in Bulk: If you're shopping for multiple items, consider bundle deals or bulk purchasing to potentially save more.

    Remember that prices can vary, and it's a good idea to research before purchasing to ensure you're making the most of your budget.


    Nike products are generally cheaper in Japan than in other countries. This is due to a number of factors, including lower import duties, a stronger Japanese yen, and more competitive market conditions. 

    In addition, there are a number of ways to save money on Nike products in Japan. 

    Shoppers can visit outlet stores, take advantage of sales and promotions, or shop online. Now you know where to buy your kicks from, and style them as you like!

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