5 Best Sony Wireless Earbuds 2024

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Looking for wireless earbuds? Here are the best Sony wireless earbuds we tried, tested, and rated. Check out detailed reviews on Sony earbuds here!

I love music in my ears when I am working but I have always been dissatisfied with my wired earphones. These are also problematic when I am working out because the wires tend to get tangled thus disrupting my rhythm. 

This is why I was probably the happiest when wireless earbuds were invented. For me, the best Sony wireless earbuds do the trick every single time.

Best Sony Wireless Earbuds -- Quick Summary

Best Sony Wireless Earbuds Pros
Sony WF-SP700N/B - Splash proof and dustproof
- Long battery life
Sony WF-SP800N - Water-resistant and adaptive sound control
- Interchangeable ear tips
- Heavy bass with clear and loud music
Sony WF-1000XM3 - Travel free case
- Low power usage
- Affordable price
Sony WF-XB700 - Blocks the background noise pretty well
- Long battery life with fast charging
Sony WF-1000XM4 - Extra bass performance
- Light and comfortable earbuds

The Sony wireless earbuds help you upgrade your audio experience without breaking your bank. These come with a superb sound quality and extended battery life which according to me, is of utmost importance. 

All the wireless earbuds that I have tested offer you decent battery life and you will also see that several of them have active noise cancelling features. This can come in very handy when you are working and do not want to be disturbed by your surroundings. 

So are you ready to check out the best Sony wireless earbuds for you?

How we tested the best Sony wireless earbuds?

To test out all these Sony earbuds, and put them through the following tests:

  1. Sound quality
  2. bass 
  3. design 
  4. value 
  5. connectivity 
  6. microphone 
  7. portability 
  8. battery life 
  9. comfort

All of these earbuds went through these tests and believe me they all were quite excellent. Having said that, I have my own personal favorite. The Sony WF-1000XM3 absolutely tops the list. 

The design is excellent and it’s quite comfortable on the ears even if you put it on for long. The connection strength is consistent. Also, these earbuds have an excellent active noise cancelling feature, which according to me wins the case for it.

Top Sony Wireless Earbuds

Sony WF-SP700N/B

Sony has come a long way with new technology and amazing features to provide what our modern generation is looking for. This model is a perfect choice to make as it has some brilliant features like it is sweatproof, has noise cancelling ability and is adaptable with both Apple and Android. 

Being splashproof makes it one of the most worthy option for commuters. Built in noise cancellation works well for music lovers and lets you focus on your work. In terms of the battery life, it can give you 9 hours of nonstop entertainment, which is an amazing feature and is everybody's concern. 

sony earbuds wf 1000xm3

Another brilliant feature to enjoy in these earbuds is the ambient sound mode that lets you enjoy the music as well as hear your surroundings at the same time. Connect it with Bluetooth or NFC and enjoy without getting into the wire mesh.


  • Splashproof and dustproof
  • Long battery life


  • A bit uncomfortable to wear for long hours

Sony WF-SP800N

Here is another best option to try in the sony earbuds range that is available in multiple colors. Talking about its modern design, these are in in-ear ocular design with six pairs of extra ear tips with three being noise isolating memory foam and three silicone ear tips. 

One of the best features in this model is the active noise cancellation where you can go with the flow without any disturbance and an add-on extra bass is just going to give that powerful and loud bass to the music. 

sony earphones amazon

Another unique feature that you can enjoy is adaptive sound control. It actually adapts your routine and plays as per the atmosphere demands. Other than that, you can customize these settings accordingly. 

Overall, after using these earbuds, my life has become easier as I can travel freely, work out while being focussed, and can also enjoy swimming as these are also water-resistant in nature. I enjoy the bass as it is zestful. 

I loved the Google assistant built-in feature as it does all the job effortlessly. You just have to connect these with your android device and enjoy. Use these earbuds to control your lights, TV, and mobile and enjoy the technology at its best.


  • Noise cancellation and isolation 
  • Water-resistant and adaptive sound control
  • Interchangeable ear tips 
  • Heavy bass with clear and loud music
  • Built in Google assistant


  • Prolonged usage can affect your hearing ability

Sony WF-1000XM3

These are my favorite earbuds as they have everything you need. Be that noise cancellation, minimal distortion, flexible connectivity, and the design, it has all these amazing features. These are more affordable as compared to Apple airpods but have almost the same features that deliver perfect noise quality and brilliant performance. 

In the pack, you get three silicone and three foam ear tips which you can change as per your preference and you also get a classy earbuds case to keep them safe and protective. The case has a magnetic effect that keeps the buds in place. 

sony earphones extra bass

In this case, you get a light indicator that keeps you informed about the charging. Regarding the features, it has two microphones that let you hear both music and surrounding noise. While using less power, the HD noise canceling processor eliminates the background noise and makes the experience more enjoyable. 

Sound quality is exceptional with ambient sound control. Connectivity is not at all the problem with these as you can connect them to your android device where you get both Google assistant as well Alexa functionality. 


  • Travel free case
  • Low power usage
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Dual microphones
  • Noise cancellation and minimal distortion

Sony WF-XB700

Make your life beautiful with these extra bass earbuds. I am a gym freak and music plays a very important role in my life. I switched from earphones to these earbuds and trust me I am not looking for anything else. 

sony noise cancelling headphones

Firstly, these fit perfectly and there is no chance that you will lose them due to the fitting issue. Bluetooth connectivity makes life easier and I play anything I want. With a 9-hour long battery life, I don't have to worry about charging, and even if I have to, it doesn't take long. In 10 minutes of charging, it works for an hour. 

Also, these are water-resistant in nature which makes them a suitable choice for everyday use as you don't have to worry about sweating and splashing. These also allow hands free calling. 

Regarding the background noise, these block them pretty well at this reasonable price. I have been using them daily and the performance and noise quality are just fabulous. If you are planning to buy one, get these without any doubt.


  • Blocks the background noise pretty well
  • Long battery life with fast charging
  • Hands free calling


  • Cannot use single earbud at a time

Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony has come up with this new model after WF-1000XM3 while making changes in the sound processor, case, and a completely different design that you will love. These have updated the noise cancelling ability as well as introduced the features of minimizing wind noise. 

sony earphones under 1000

The matte finish case looks elegant and is also light and comfortable. Also, you can enjoy the high quality sound as it is LDAC compatible. In terms of battery, the performance is really amazing as it gives 8 hours of power backup while using Bluetooth as well as noise canceling feature.

When you are just using your earbuds for calling then the battery life gets extended up to 12 hours. 

The earbuds are designed in a way that it fits perfectly without causing any discomfort. These also sweat and splash proof which makes them a perfect fit for everyday workout sessions. I got these a few months ago and they still give a clear and crisp music experience. Get one for yourself and disappear in the world of music.


  • Extra bass performance
  • Light and comfortable earbuds
  • Perfectly fits
  • Good battery life with and without using specific feature


  • No choice between ear tips

How to choose the best Sony wireless earbuds?

When trying to choose a wireless earbud for yourself, there are certain features that you need to look for. Here are a few that you might want to take into consideration before finalizing a new electronic friend.

  • Design

The design of your wireless earbud is extremely important. And your bird is going to hang out of your ears for a very long amount of time which is why it is quite important that you get something that is extremely comfortable and is also the right fit.

If the earbuds that you choose are too big for your ears, they will get painful to wear for a long stretch of time. If they are too small for your ear, they may just fall.

  • Features

The next thing to look out for other features that come with your wireless earbuds. Make sure that look for features that are relevant to you. For example, if you do not have any intention of taking your earbuds for the swim, do not look for something that is water resistant. In that case, you must look for something that is the best at the price point.

Some of the key features that you must look out for include the ability to control music playback and calls, trigger voice assistance, and reliable connectivity.

  • Sound quality and call quality

The best kind of wireless earbuds should have excellent sound and call quality. You must also look at the migration quality of your earbuds. It is quite possible that the earbuds sound really good but that is not the case when you make a call. If you want your ear buds to make a lot of calls or for multiplayer gaming, you need to look for something that has multiple mics or at least a good active noise cancellation feature.

  • Battery life

Again, this is one of the most crucial features to look for when purchasing your wireless earbuds. The higher the battery life of your earbuds, the longer they will work for you on a single charge. Also, make sure that your case has a high capacity as well. Having a higher capacity allows the case to charge your buds more than one time.

Does Sony make good earbuds?

Sony is a very well renowned company that is known to make some of the best earbuds that will enhance your audio experience to a whole new level. Also, the earbuds made by the brand are extremely affordable and you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket for them. Also, all of Sony's earbuds have decent battery life and you will also find that many of them have excellent noise cancellation features.

Get yourself a pair of the best Sony wireless earbuds and enjoy a whole new experience.

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