8 Best Japanese Vegetarian Cookbook For Beginners 2024

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Looking for the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook to cook scrumptious vegetarian and vegan recipes? Check out this curated list of the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook you can pick for yourself.

Discover the flavors of Japan with our selection of the best Japanese vegetarian cookbooks for beginners.

These culinary guides make it simple to create authentic, plant-based dishes at home, offering a perfect blend of traditional techniques and modern, health-conscious recipes. Start your journey to master vegetarian Japanese cuisine with ease.

Which is the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook?

I've used many cookbooks to learn cooking but I found Washoku to be the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook because of its language, explanation and dishes mentioned.

Washoku is a Japanese cookbook by Elizabeth Andoh. It's a series of traditional Japanese food published by the Gourmet magazine in 1975. The cookbook Washoku is a compilation of the author's knowledge and passion for Japanese food. The book explores balancing flavor, applying technique, and considering aesthetics with nutritional value.

Best Japanese Vegetarian Cookbook For Beginners: Summary

Best Japanese Vegetarian Cookbook Author Recipe Type
Washoku Elizabeth Andoh Home recipes
Japan: The Cookbook Nancy Singleton Hachisu Regional traditions of Japan
Donabe Naoko Takei Moore and chef Kyle Connaughton Japanese clay pot cooking
Japanese Patisserie James Campbell Patisserie, desserts and savories
Ivan Ramen Ivan Orkin, Chris Ying, David Chang Guide to ramen
Preserving the Japanese Way Nancy Singleton Hachisu Fermenting and pickling
Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook Nobu Matsuhisa Healthy Japanese dining
Kansha: Celebrating Japan’s Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions  Elizabeth Andoh Vegan and Vegetarian recipes

Top Japanese Vegetarian Cookbook For Beginners


Here is one of the best Japanese cookbooks which is going to solve your problems related to casual cooking. 

In this book, you get different amazing recipes that are easy to cook and are absolutely perfect.

 One of the most loved features about this book is the availability of pictures of recipes to make it more helpful for the cook. 

While referencing this book, you will get to know about every minor information regarding the Japanese taste and food culture. 

For amazing food recipes, get this book and taste traditional Japan at your home. Undoubtedly, Washoku is the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for Japanese home cooking.

Key Features:

  • Book with Japanese traditional recipes
  • Picture reference for easy understanding
  • Great explanation of taste
  • Minor details to develop the taste

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Japan: The Cookbook

If you are planning to get a cookbook for yourself, then you can consider this one without any doubt. This is the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for regional cuisine. 

This book contains a total of 40 recipes, which include dishes of every type. Be that starter to increase your appetite or dessert to have a sweet tooth at the end, you get it all. 

Easy explanation and picture description help in understanding the process of cooking. You also get information regarding the ingredients thoroughly. 

This book can be a perfect gift for your cook friend as well. Japan: the cookbook is the best japanese cookbook for home cooks as well as chefs!

Key Features:

  • Absolutely amazing Japanese cookbook
  • Recipes of every type of Japanese dish
  • Visual description for better understanding
  • Information about the ingredients

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If you are looking for Japanese recipes that are made with old and traditional techniques, then you must go for this cookbook. It’s the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for mastering the art of Japanese home cooking.

It gives you access to important information regarding the way of cooking and doesn't make you spend a lot of unhealthy artificial flavor generating ingredients. 

Also, in this book, you get recipes as per the number of people you are cooking for. From a small family to a large one, you can easily cook without disbalancing the flavors. 

Since these dishes are made on a clay pot, it gives you ancient vibes too.  

Key Features:

  • Cookbook with old and tasty recipes of Japan
  • A detailed description of the method of cooking
  • No unnecessary information in terms of ingredients
  • Clay pot cooking method explanation

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Japanese Patisserie

Do you love baking? Well, if yes, then you must get this cookbook to try on some amazing Japanese desserts to satisfy your taste. 

The recipes in this book are a mixture of modern and contemporary tastes that you will definitely love. In total, you get 60 recipes like Japanese pastries, lattes, small cakes, etc. 

You will get full information regarding the ingredients and usage to achieve perfection while cooking. Japanese patisserie is the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for desserts!

Key Features:

  • Cookbook for Japanese desserts
  • A detailed description of recipes
  • Every type of dessert included
  • Combination of modern and contemporary recipes

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Ivan Ramen

Ramen is one of the most famous dishes of Japan and also the one that has gained popularity across different cultures and countries. 

If you want to get that perfect ramen taste at the comfort of your kitchen then you can refer to Ivan Ramen cookbook as it’s the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for that. 

In this amazing book, you get different recipes to cook ramen soup or noodles with a combination of ingredients. 

You will get appropriate guidance from this book to get that Japanese ramen taste when you follow each step with determination. Enjoy some Japanese vegetarian recipes of ramen just by turning a few pages.

Key Features:

  • Cookbook for ramen based recipes 
  • Beautiful combination of ingredients 
  • Unique ways of cooking 
  • A perfect guide to tasty ramen

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Preserving the Japanese Way

Japanese cooking is not just about noodles and ramen, but also about many other dishes that help in enhancing the taste of every recipe. 

Pickles are loved by all as they act as a magical element to the dish. 

Preserving the Japanese way cookbook will teach you how to make yourself a perfectly made pickle with the best of all salting and fermenting techniques to achieve contemporary taste. 

With all types of fruits and vegetables, you can prepare pickles by simply preserving them as it used to be done earlier. 

Get yourself this book and improvise your way of cooking with this guide to heavenly pickle as it's the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for picking!

Key Features:

  1. A guide to Japanese pickles
  2. Recipes made with old and original methods 
  3. Perfection towards salting and fermenting fruits and vegetables 
  4. Preserving techniques to make pickles

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Nobu's Vegetarian Cookbook

Japanese food and dishes are famous in both vegetation and non vegetarian recipes. This book is a guide to various vegetation cuisines that are famous and loved by all. 

The author of the book has made sure to share every possible detail to make sure you cook safe and sound. 

While cooking, you will not be confused as side notes let you know about the ingredients and ways of cooking in the most perfect way. Other than that, this book has many healthy dishes with vegetables being the king in them. 

If you are a vegetarian and you love Japanese food, you can have your hands on this book to achieve the taste. 

Nobu’s vegetarian cookbook is the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for fine dining details!

Key Features:

  • Vegetarian cookbook
  • Guide to healthy dishes
  • Minute details are mentioned to avoid any mistake
  • Makes us understand that vegetable is the king of every dish

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Kansha: Celebrating Japan's Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions

Here is another cookbook for all my vegan friends that makes Japanese dishes with vegan and vegetarian foods. 

The motto of Kansha is to cook absolutely healthy And nutritional food as the roots of this book belong to Buddhist philosophy. In this book, you will come across recipes made with ingredients of the best category. 

There are in total 100 amazing recipes that come from Buddhist cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and many others. This vegetarian Japanese recipe book is the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook for veg as well as vegan meals.

This one is a perfect guide to how to cut, cook and prepare the dish. You don't have to worry about the usage of the various types of equipment as in the book itself you will have a guide towards that as well. 

To bring out flavors from ingredients different from the common is a true genius and the author of this book has achieved that without any doubt.

Key features:

  • Vegan and Vegetarian recipes 
  • Easy guide towards cooking and preparing
  • Healthy and nutritious recipes 
  • Taste and health go hand in hand

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What are some of the most common vegetarian dishes in Japan?

Here are some dishes that are loved by vegetarians in Japan:

  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Vegetarian Sushi
  • Vegetarian Yakitori and Kushikatsu
  • Hot Pots and Soups
  • Soba, Somen and other types of Japanese noodles
  • Onigiri
  • Japanese rice dishes
  • Tofu Dishes
  • Vegetable Sides and Salads, etc

Is Japanese cuisine easy to learn?

Yes, Japanese cuisine is relatively easy to learn. The ingredients are simple and the techniques are straightforward. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Start with simple dishes. There are many delicious Japanese dishes that are easy to make, such as miso soup, onigiri, and teriyaki chicken.
  • Use quality ingredients. Good quality ingredients make a big difference in the taste of your food.
  • Be patient. Japanese cuisine takes time to prepare. Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts don't turn out perfect.
  • Have fun! Japanese cuisine is a delicious and rewarding way to explore Japanese culture.

The Vegetarian Way!

These were some of the best Japanese vegetarian cookbook that you can check out to cook up some of the most tempting and delicious vegetarian dishes. 

I have tried out most of the recipes from these cookbooks, and trust me! I am in absolute awe. 

The dishes really turned out to be amazing, and they were loved by all. If you love cooking and want to whip up simple and vegetarian dishes, try and follow the recipes that these cookbooks have to offer.

Hope this article- best Japanese vegetarian cookbook helped you to pick the best one for yourself!

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