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7 Best Japanese Drip Coffee 2024

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Are you a coffee lover? (read: addict). Here’s the best Japanese drip coffee for you to try. Pick one of these, kick back and relax in your balcony relishing one amazing cup of coffee!

Embark on a journey through the rich and aromatic world of Japanese drip coffee, where precision and innovation converge to create a delightful brewing experience.

Discover a diverse selection of meticulously crafted blends, each offering a unique flavor profile that embodies the artistry of Japanese coffee culture.

Which is the best Japanese drip coffee?

My team and I tested 15+ Japanese drip coffee on the basis of aroma, taste, drip bag as well as price. We found Key Coffee Drip On Special Blend to be the best in the list.

Key Coffee Drip On Special Blend comes individually wrapped and offers a taste that is high in quality. It is a premium blend coffee that gives an amazing and rich aroma of coffee. The premium quality coffee is made using Colombia, Brazil coffee beans. It is easy to make, and There is no requirement for a machine to brew this coffee.

Best Japanese Drip Coffee Description Roast Caffeine Level
Key Coffee Drip On Special Blend Balanced flavor profile with mellow acidity and a smooth finish. Medium Moderate
UCC Aroma Rich Selection Single Serve Drip Coffee Bag Rich and aromatic flavor with a hint of sweetness. Medium Moderate
AGF Blendy Drip Coffee Special Blend Smooth and balanced blend with a satisfying taste. Medium Moderate
Key Coffee Drip On Variety Pack Variety of coffee flavors in individual packets. Variety Variety
UCC Mocha Blend Drip Coffee Chocolatey and decadent flavor with a hint of coffee. Medium Moderate

Best Drip Coffee From Japan

Key Coffee Drip On Special Blend

The special blend drip coffee from Key Coffee comes individually wrapped and offers a taste that is high in quality. It is a premium blend coffee that gives an aroma so tantalizing, you would want to double the amount of your coffee intake. 

The aroma hits you thrice during the process of making that perfect cup. The first time you get a whiff of that wonderful scent is when you open the package. Then, when you are making the coffee, the sweet aroma lingers on, and finally, you can enjoy the aroma along with the taste when you are drinking it. 

The premium quality coffee is made using Colombia, Brazil coffee beans. It is easy to make, and you do not need a machine to make it. Thanks to the ease of making, you can carry it anywhere.

Get a perfect cup of coffee that takes you to heaven every single time with this single-serve drip coffee. It's the best Japanese drip coffee for sure!

Drip on offers one of the best Japanese drip coffee and you should definitely try it!

UCC Aroma Rich Selection Single Serve Drip Coffee Bag

UCC is a very popular in Japan and one of the best Japanese drip coffee in the market! UCC is short for Ueshima Coffee Company, and it has been giving us wonderful coffee since 1933.

It is one of the most popular manufacturers of coffee in Japan and is the company that first introduced the world’s first canned coffee. So, when we talk of drip coffees, we cannot forget UCC. 

One of their best Japanese drip coffees is the rich selection coffee that has 12 packets of coffee with six different flavors. You will find two packets of each flavor. 

When we say different flavors, we do not mean hazelnut or french vanilla. The difference in taste comes from the coffee beans used. Do try out this Japanese drip coffee!

The UCC rich selection of Japanese drip coffee uses grounds from coffee beans taken from Brazil. Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and El Salvador. These rich coffee beans from all these areas give the coffee its unique taste and flavor. 

The packages are convenient to use and come in a good variety. You will find yourself ordering more, just to enjoy the varied taste of the coffee. It is easy to make; you have to ensure, however, that you are neither pouring the hot water too slow or too fast. 

AGF Blendy Drip Coffee - Special Blend Single Serve

Blendy is another brand that makes easy-to-use Japanese drip coffee. The pack comes with eight individual packs. The coffee bean grounds are sourced from Colombia, Brazil. 

The individual pack is very easy to use. It has ear flaps that attach perfectly to coffee mugs. The package makes a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee that revives and rejuvenates you. 

The drip pack is made by roasting the coffee beans carefully using ACF’s own roasting technology. This special technique of roasting gives the coffee its rich aroma and clear taste that you can enjoy right till the last drop.  It's the best Japanese drip coffee for it's rich aroma.

To make the perfect cup, open the individual packages and remove the filter packet of coffee. You will see dotted lines meant for your ease. Tear along these lines and remove the top of the packet. 

Fold and place the handles (ear flaps) of the filter over the edges of your coffee cup. Finally, pour hot water over the coffee grounds. Again, be sure to neither pour the water too fast or too slow. Fill the water right up to the rim. When done, remove the filter and enjoy the delicious cup of goodness. 

Key Coffee Premium Drip On Variety Pack 

The variety pack is another brilliant coffee from Key Coffee. The brand is one of the most popular brands in Japan and is renowned for its exquisite taste and strong aroma. In fact, the aroma of the coffee is so strong, it catches you right when you open the package. 

This best Japanese drip coffee pack has six blends of coffee, with each of them providing a unique and varied taste. You will love each of the blends. The individual coffee packs help you refresh, relax, and recharge on a long and tiring day.

This variety pack will be your go-to solution when you are feeling low or tired. Enjoy a delicious and steaming cup of coffee that touches upon all of your senses. 

UCC Mocha Blend Drip Coffee

Like I already mentioned UCC offers some of the best Japanese drip coffee. And UCC makes such aromatic and delicious coffee that people from all over the world swear by it.

And it is not only about the aroma and the taste, but the quality of the coffee is also equally high.

The coffee beans are roasted using a special technique that helps achieve the delicious taste that helps you start your day on a pleasurable note. The drip coffee pack comes with 18 individual coffee packs. The single-serve packs are amazing.

The whole process of unfolding the filter and placing it on your cup is very strangely satisfying; it is like origami, but with coffee. 

I am a huge fan of UCC drip coffees, thanks to the delicious taste. Once you try it, I am sure you will become an instant fan too. 

The coffee is so rich and smooth that there is no way anyone would dislike it. What more? This blend has the sweet taste of mocha that adds on to the unique taste of the coffee. 

The individual coffee packs are also easy to carry with you. With these packs, there is no longer any need to stand in long queues for coffee. All you need is hot water and a pack of this special drip coffee. And ta-da! You will have your cup of deliciousness ready in no time. It's the best Japanese drip coffee for its taste.

UCC Gold Special Drip Coffee

You already know that UCC drip coffee is amazing but this one is phenomenal. I love this gold blend drip coffee as it has an extremely rich taste as well as aroma. It’s a single serve pour that you can carry along when you’re travelling or at your office. 

The best part is that you don’t require any extra machine to brew this coffee, all you need to do is add hot water and voila! Enjoy your coffee. It’s super convenient to make and the taste is just incredible.

UCC Craftsman Drip Coffee Deep & Rich Special Blend

The UCC Craftsman Drip Coffee Deep & Rich Special Blend is a premium coffee product that delivers a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. As a fan of UCC's other coffee products, I was excited to try this special blend and I wasn't disappointed.

The coffee comes in a convenient drip bag format, making it easy to brew a single cup of coffee at home or on-the-go. I appreciated the convenience of the drip bag, as it eliminated the need for a separate coffee filter.

When I opened the packaging, I could immediately smell the rich aroma of the coffee. The beans are sourced from carefully selected regions around the world, and you can taste the quality in every sip. The flavor is deep and complex, with notes of chocolate and caramel and a smooth finish.

I also appreciated that the coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The attention to detail is evident in the final product, and I would highly recommend this coffee to anyone who enjoys a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

Overall, the UCC Craftsman Drip Coffee Deep & Rich Special Blend is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates high-quality coffee. It's a bit more expensive than some other coffee products, but the quality and convenience make it well worth the price. I would definitely purchase this coffee again in the future.

These were some of the best Japanese drip coffees that are loved by people from all across the globe. With these drip coffee packs, you can enjoy a delicious blend of coffee at all times. Also, these coffees do not need any machine. You only need hot water and a cup to make that delicious and flavorful cup of coffee. 

So, are you ready to try out the delicious flavors of the best Japanese drip coffees?

Key Coffee Vs UCC

Key Coffee and UCC (Ueshima Coffee Company) are both popular coffee brands in Japan, known for their high-quality and flavorful coffee products.

Key Coffee is a Japanese coffee roasting company that was founded in 1920. They offer a wide range of coffee products, including whole bean coffee, ground coffee, instant coffee, and single-serve drip coffee. Key Coffee is known for using carefully selected beans from around the world and roasting them in small batches to bring out their unique flavors.

UCC, on the other hand, is a Japanese coffee company that was founded in 1933. They offer a variety of coffee products, including whole bean coffee, ground coffee, instant coffee, and canned coffee.

UCC is known for their focus on quality and innovation, with a commitment to using only the highest quality beans and developing new brewing technologies to bring out the best flavors in their coffee.

Both Key Coffee and UCC have a strong reputation for producing high-quality coffee products in Japan. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands may come down to personal taste preferences and the specific products being compared. It's worth trying both brands and their different products to determine which one you prefer.

Best Drip Coffee To Buy In Japan - FAQs

Is Japanese drip coffee good?

Japanese drip coffee brands are among the most popular coffee brands. Japanese coffee blend is premium, with coffee beans from only the best sources. The coffee beans are carefully roasted using special techniques that bring out the unique taste and fragrant aroma.

The Japanese coffee packets are easy to carry around, which gives you the flexibility of carrying these coffee packs with you at all times. The coffee filters come with handles that perch and fold perfectly on the rims of the coffee cups, making brewing the coffee an easy job.

How do you make Japanese drip coffee?

Here’s how you make a cup of instant Japanese drip coffee:
Step 1: Tear the filter along the tear line to open it
Step 2: Carefully unfold the handles of the filter and use it to hang the filter on the cup’s rim
Step 3: Now pour hot water over the filter up till your cup’s rim
Step 4: Let the water drip. Repeat this process for the cup to fill till about 200 ml with water 

Which is better: Key vs UCC drip coffee?

Both Key Coffee and UCC are great options for drip coffee. If you’re looking for more aromatic and variety of flavours Key coffee is slightly better otherwise UCC has the best tasting drip coffee.

How do you drink a drip coffee from UCC?

It’s extremely easy, follow a few steps to drink a drip coffee from UCC:
- Cut the coffee from the tear line and open the handles of the drip coffee 
- Add hot water and wait for the coffee to drip. You need to repeat this process until the cup is filled with about 6-8 oz. 
- Enjoy your drink once it’s full.

How many times can you use drip coffee?

Don’t use drip coffee more than once because the coffee will taste horrible as it will only contain the residue.

What is special about drip coffee?

Drip coffee has more caffeine than a regular espresso shot because it’s made by dripping water over ground coffee which is ground better than espresso.

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