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8 Best Japanese Condoms Review 2024

Apr 18, 2024Shopify API

Looking for the best Japanese condoms? Check out these recommendations for the best experience!


In search of the perfect condom? Look no further! We delve into the world of Japanese condoms, renowned for their thinness, comfort, and innovation. Explore top brands like Okamoto and Sagami, compare features like material and lubrication, and discover the option that best enhances intimacy for you and your partner.


Best Japanese Condoms: Summary

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Okamoto 004 Latex Condom View on Amazon
Okamoto 004 Aloe Condom View on Amazon
Kimono Microthin AquaLube Condom View on Amazon
Kimono Microthin View on Amazon
Beyond Seven Super Thin and Sensitive Condom View on Amazon
Kimono Maxx Condom View on Amazon
Kimono Microthin Ribbed and Sensi-Dots Condom View on Amazon
Beyond Seven View on Amazon

Which is the best Japanese Condom?

I did a survey of the best Japanese condoms on the basis of durability, longevity, comfort and pleasure. I found Okamoto 004 Aloe Condom.

Okamoto 004 Aloe Condom is a good quality latex of sheerlon material which is known for its softness and silliness. It's also very thin and durable and you can freely use them without worrying about any leakage and tear. This latex condom is silkier as it is lightly lubricated.

Okamoto 004 Latex Condom

Okamoto 004 Latex condom is one of the famous condoms of Japan. Used by many couples, it has bagged itself positive feedback. This one is absolutely thin and feels soft. It is made with natural latex of rubber material which makes it absolutely thinner and sensitive.

Okamoto 004 Latex Condom feels like you are wearing almost nothing and is also protective. It is recommended to not use oil with this latex as they are slightly lubricated.

Also, these are in classic shapes that don't feel loose and uncomfortable. For happy, satisfying and protective sex life, get this condom now. This is one of the best Japanese condoms.

Key features:

  • Feels amazingly thin and soft
  • Lubricated latex for a silky smooth feel
  • The classic walled shape fits perfectly
  • Feels like nothing condoms

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Okamoto 004 Aloe Condom

Okamoto 004 Aloe Condom is one of the best Japanese condoms brand uses extremely good quality latex of sheerlon material which is known for its softness and silliness. These are also very thin and durable and you can freely use them without worrying about any leakage and tear.

This latex condom is silkier as it is lightly lubricated. Although it is a thin layer you won't feel anything and will enjoy it with extreme satisfaction. Using this condom will also help you keep away from infections and any disease. You also get good counts at an affordable price.

Key features:

  • Made with good quality latex
  • Extremely soft and silky texture
  • Feels like nothing and fits well
  • Quite an affordable pack 

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Kimono Microthin AquaLube Condom

When you talk about condoms, you have great expectations. You look for absolute thinness and softness that also feels sensational. Kimono Microthin AquaLube Condom brand offers you the same with good protection and feeling.

Kimono Microthin AquaLube provides condoms with good transparency and sensitivity. In these, you also get aqua lubes that feel soft and slippery and you will experience no harshness at all.

You can rely on these condoms without any doubt as they are strong and thin. Also, you get a silver sachet in which two pieces fit well retaining their shape. Definitely, one of the best Japanese condoms of all times.

Key Features:

  • Gives a sensational and pleasurable feel
  • Reliable and strong material
  • Ultra thin as compared to others
  • Comes in a protective sachet

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Kimono Microthin

Kimono’s condoms are known for their reliability and for being one of the best Japanese condoms. This pack of 48 pieces is just a perfect one for you. Talking about the quality, it is unquestionable as each piece has been tested in terms of its strength and reliability. 

Condoms are something that you can't go wrong with. In terms of the feel, these are super thin and feel like nothing at all. On top of that, using these condoms helps increase sensitivity and gives a sensational and satisfying experience. Get this pack and you won't feel any breakage or leakage with them!

Key features:

  • Genuinely smooth and provides a sensational feel
  • Ultra thin latex condom that increases the pleasure
  • Fits well and doesn't make you uncomfortable
  • Unquestionable reliability and softness

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Beyond Seven Super Thin and Sensitive Condom

A condom is something that you need but at the same time don't want to feel its presence. To make that thing possible, Beyond Seven Super Thin and Sensitive Condom has come up with this ultra thin condom to have you enjoy safe and protective sex with a super amazing feel.

It almost feels like you are not wearing anything. Wearing them is easy as they are slightly lubricated and can be worn without fail. These are soft and thin and doesn't slip off while using. So get condoms from this brand and enjoy the immense pleasure.

Key features:

  • Doesn't feel like a barrier in between
  • Safe and easy to wear and use
  • Known for its soft and thin texture
  • Light lubrication for perfect fit

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Kimono Maxx Condom

Have a look at this pack of condoms from Kimino that is something that you want! First of all, this is in XXX size and has some amazing advantages. Kimono Maxx Condoms are made with vegan material and do not have any type of chemical smell. In making them, absolutely no glycerin or parabens are used.

If you are someone who is more comfortable with things that are completely vegan that this pack is for you. Also, for people with sensitive skin, it is a great option as it is all-natural. Talking about its shape, it has a large flared shape and fits nicely.

Key features:

  • Different from normal condoms
  • Absolutely vegan in nature
  • Made without any artificial element and doesn't smell at all
  • Has good and large flared shape

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Kimono Microthin Ribbed and Sensi-Dots Condom

If you don't want to go for regular plain condoms and want to experience immeasurable pleasure then here is a great option for you. This one is Kimono's condoms with ribbed and dotted texture. These dots help in increasing the sensations, ultimately making the moment more pleasurable and wanting.

On top of that, they are thin, strong, and safe to use. With unique dotted texture, you don't have to worry about breakage as they are made and tested electronically. They are also packed nicely to not disturb the shape and affect the texture. The case keeps them safe from any disfigurement and tear.

Key features:

  • Different textured condom
  • Ribbed and dotted surface for great feel
  • Feels amazing and helps in increasing the pleasure
  • Tested and safe from wear and tear

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Beyond Seven 

Here is another great option for buying condoms! Beyond Seven is one is absolutely genuine and cannot be questioned. In terms of material, texture, quality, and reliability, it passes everything.

These are made with sheerlon latex which is a high-quality material and is known for its silky and thin texture.

These are studded to make the love moment more sensational. The condom layer almost feels like a thin coat of skin and gives immense pleasure while using. For safe, sensational, and protective sex, get this travel-friendly pack and enjoy!

Key features:

  • Good to go option for close to nothing feel like condoms
  • Good quality latex with studded texture
  • Feels soft and very thin
  • Protection and sensation both come hand in hand




























Should I always use a condom?

While you may think that a condom is only a method of protection against unwanted pregnancies. But that is not the case. There are people who believe that they can forgo the use of condoms just because they are using other methods of birth control. However, that is not the case.

Condoms help protect against STIs, and so, they must always be used even when you are on birth control. Condoms must be used correctly every single time you engage in sexual activity.

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